Entertainment TV Netflix plans to cut down on bandwidth use

Netflix plans to cut down on bandwidth use

Some content available to US viewers is kept from Australian subscribers.
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While it’s great for binge-watching your favourite series, Netflix has one major downside: its internet bandwidth use.

That’s set to change with the announcement that the US streaming company is set to roll out a program to improve video quality, while cutting down on usage.

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Named the “per-title encode optimisation”, the plan involves preparing each individual video file so it can appear at its absolute best.

Rather than allocating the same amount of bits to each file, Netflix will start to allocate a different amount of bits based on the content.

For example: “You shouldn’t allocate the same amount of bits for My Little Pony as for The Avengers,” Anne Aaron, video algorithms manager at Netflix, told Variety.

The best part? The plan isn’t just limited to Netflix’s American birthplace – a spokesperson for the company told The New Daily the plan would also be rolled out in Australia and the rest of the world.

If successfully implemented, the technology – which has been in the works for four years – will lead to high quality streaming but around 20 per cent less data usage.

It will also aid the streaming giant in entering countries with slower internet speeds in 2016.

World domination is imminent.

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