Sponsored The best Christmas gifts for TV addicts this year

The best Christmas gifts for TV addicts this year

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Suddenly, it’s a whole lot easier to be addicted to TV.

Netflix, Apple TV, Stan – whatever your poison, it’s cheaper and more convenient than ever before to binge on a favourite new show.

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To reward the television junkie in your life, here is a list of present ideas to make you more popular than Daenerys Targaryen with baby dragons.

Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Sherlock, Doctor Who – there’s something for every TV junkie in the Co-op’s online store.

See our list of present ideas below:

Game of Thrones Monopoly


In keeping with the show’s world domination, Mayfair and Park Lane have been replaced with the custom keeps of Westeros and Essos in this Monopoly remake. Forget passing ‘Go’, now it’s all about chasing that crown. And if the dog-eat-dog world of GoT isn’t to your taste, there’s always The Walking Dead Monopoly, Adventure Time and even a Doctor Who edition.



For the gore-loving Hannibal fan in your life, how about a Hannibal Lecter vinyl figure (the bloody version)? Or even Sam and Dean from Supernatural? Why not create a crossbred TV family, and include Buffy, Ironman and a dragon from Game of Thrones?

Big Bang Theory ‘Bazinga!’ Mug


Give this to a friend safe in the knowledge that no matter how nerdy their mug is, they’ll never be as nerdy as Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory (or his catch phrase – ‘Bazinga!’).

Dr Who Notepad and Sonic Screwdriver


For the most passionate Doctor Who fan you know, nothing would beat a journal and mini sonic-screwdriver for noting down any weird and wonderful thoughts.

Sherlock Heat Reveal Mug


Fans of the popular Sherlock series will remember the phrase “I am SHER-locked”, brilliantly used to unlock Irene Adler’s phone in the award-winning episode ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’. To reveal the phrase, you’ll have to treat yourself to a hot drink first.

The Walking Dead Board Game


Give you favourite Walking Dead fan the chance to play Rick, Shane, Andrea and others as they battle zombies, collect supplies and pick up the pieces of their lives in these recreated scenes. Zombie dress-ups optional.

House of Stark Ruled Journal


Help the GoT fanatic you know get through the unbearably long stretch in between series with this hardcover journal. It even bares the House of Stark sigil: a dire wolf. Go on, as the Starks would say: Christmas is coming.

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