Entertainment TV The Bachelorette: no ‘token’ ethnic men on show

The Bachelorette: no ‘token’ ethnic men on show

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There are 14 young men vying for Bachelorette Sam Frost’s heart, and they all have one thing in common (other than being unlucky in love) – they’re white.

It’s something causing consternation in media circles, but Frost, who was famously proposed to then dumped by last year’s Bachelor Blake Garvey, isn’t too concerned.

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In an interview on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O, she said the show’s producers would have been unlikely to cast anyone with an ethnic background in the first place.

“I think even if you had a black person on there they would be like ‘Oh, token,’ so you can’t win,” Frost told the radio hosts.

She later said she was shocked people had such a response to the all-white cast.

“It’s a bit disappointing it’s even an issue in the first place,” Frost said.

“It’s actually quite a shock to all of us actually.

“The guys are diverse, they’re so different, it’s ridiculous.

“I don’t think race ever came into it.”

The contestants on 'The Bachelorette'. Photo: Ten
The contestants on ‘The Bachelorette’. Photo: Ten

The same issues weren’t raised on the recent The Bachelor series featuring Sam Wood where bachelorettes including Reshael, Ebru and series winner Snezana all had varied ethnic backgrounds.

The Bachelorette Australia premieres on Wednesday night.

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