Entertainment TV The Bachelor’s Snez: ‘It’s long distance for now’

The Bachelor’s Snez: ‘It’s long distance for now’

Sam Wood Snezana Markoski
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The Bachelor winner Snezana Markoksi says she had a “really strong” connection with Sam Wood from early on and their love has only grown stronger four months into their long distance relationship.

The Perth single mum has also given Wood the thumbs up in the bedroom department and while the pair have touched on the subject of wedding plans, right now they are dealing with other priorities.

“I’m just going to remain in Perth now. I’ve still got my uni degree and Eve’s at school and Sam’s got his business in Melbourne,” the 34-year-old beauty told AAP.

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“It’ll be back and forth each weekend, one of us flying over to the see the other.

“He’s amazing and the love that we have for each other has only gotten stronger.

“We’ve made it this far, we’re good.”

Markoski said there were a few points throughout Ten’s Bachelor series where she thought she may have won the 35-year-old Melbourne fitness advisor’s heart.

“I knew fairly early on that there was definitely a really strong connection between us,” she said.

“But there was never any cockiness about it because I still knew that there was other girls still in the running and these girls are absolutely amazing.”

However, she admitted she would have been “absolutely heartbroken” had she not been chosen.

When the series finished, the pair finally got to spend quality alone time away from public glare on a weekend away and Wood didn’t disappoint in the romance department.

“That’s when we got to spend some real time together without the cameras around. It was really good, it was amazing,” she said.

Markoski said her daughter Eve, who encouraged her to go on the show, was ecstatic at Wood’s choice and the trio have already had a catch up.

As for wedding bells, she said: “We’ve touched on the topic. We know that we want to spend the rest of our lives with each other but that’s as far as it’s going”.

“We just want to first actually get out there and be able to go out for breakfast together and then I think everything else will just fall into place with time.”

However, the pair are “definitely open” to having children.

“We both do want children so, God giving, you never know, if everything goes well, that’s something that we’d love,” she said.


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