Entertainment TV US comedian Bill Maher slams ‘f***ing Australians’

US comedian Bill Maher slams ‘f***ing Australians’

Maher said Australia had too many 'Hemworths'.
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American talk-show host Bill Maher launched into a rant against Australians who were “taking over this country”.

During a six-minute monologue in the latest episode of Real Time With Bill Maher, he worked in a snipe at Australia’s own hard-line immigration policies. 

Maher took aim at “f—ing Australians”, saying “the ethnic group that is taking over this country while we blithely do nothing”.

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Maher made reference to every bartender these days being Australian with great personality and a generous attitude towards free drinks.

He also said they made up 30 per cent of America’s surf instructors and 65 per cent of its ski bums.

“You cannot swing a dead wallaby these days without hitting an Australian,” Maher said.

“Australia is not sending us their greatest people. They’re bringing drugs, yes, enough for everyone, but still,” he joked.

“They’re rapists … okay not rapists, but they do a lot of f–king, and I assume some are good people”.

Maher then went on to say he would build the greatest reef the world has even seen, “a great barrier reef”, which he will make Mel Gibson pay for.

“I don’t really hate Australian’s. But I’m an American and it’s our tradition to hate someone and blame them for our problems,” he said.

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