Entertainment TV Behind the scenes secrets: on the set of The Bachelor

Behind the scenes secrets: on the set of The Bachelor

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In 2014, Channel Ten’s The Bachelor series brought us “dirty street pie” dates and a future blushing bride being dumped just weeks after a proposal.

Like this year’s series, it included drama, rivalry, pashing, passion and plenty of manipulation – all ingredients of a TV show which has hundreds of thousands of Aussie viewers glued to it each night.

It was also the year The New Daily’s source (who declined to be named for professional reasons) was one of the bachelorettes vying for the heart of famous fiancé-dumping bachelor Blake Garvey.

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She said watching this year’s The Bachelor has given her a new perspective on the show and her own experiences.

“I’m looking from outside this series this time and I can see where they’re [the bachelorettes] being manipulated by producers,” our source said.

“If I had realised it [when I was on the show] I would have been much more relaxed about it.

“You can’t trust the producers … they say ‘trust your producers’ but you just can’t.”

The source said before the intruders were brought into the house last year, producers gave the bachelorettes drinks and made them wait three hours while telling them they had a “surprise” for them.

“They wanted to get us drinking and get a bad reaction from us when the intruders came in,” she said.

“They’re manipulating you at every turn to get a reaction out of you.”

Despite her experiences, the former 2014 bachelorette said she was happy to have been part of the series.

“If you come out if it and you don’t care what people think of how you’ve been portrayed then it’s fine,” the source said.

She said she also didn’t mind that much of her personal life, including surgical procedures, ended up being fodder for the media.

Blake Garvey (centre) with last year's contestants. Photo: Channel Ten
Blake Garvey (centre) with last year’s contestants. Photo: Channel Ten

The source was also happy to be watching how this year’s show would finish up, and whom bachelor Sam Wood would choose as his TV true love.

“I’m really enjoying the new series – there’s not as many big personalities but there is more rivalry between them.”

She said she loved Sam Wood’s date ideas.

“They’re just really interesting and interactive … Blake’s date ideas were a bit more naff. I mean, bowling. Ugh.”

The source said she was approached to be on the upcoming series The Bachelorette.

The Bachelor proposal
Bachelor Blake Garvey proposing to finalist Sam Frost.

“I was asked if I was interested to be the bachelorette and went in for an interview so I was in the running,” she said.

In the end Sam Frost, who was proposed to, then cruelly dumped by Blake Garvey in a meeting with producers five weeks after the proposal, was chosen.

It was also just before The Bachelor 2014 finale aired.

The source said she’s excited to watch Sam in the show, reversing the position she was in last year – having the power to choose an eligible bachelor – rather than being chosen by one.

“Sam’s a really cool chick and she’s really good at building up people around her. Like if you tell a joke she’ll say ‘I love you – I’m so obsessed with you right now’.”

The source believes Sam will show her true self in that series.

“I think she’ll be very authentic about it,” she said.

“She’s a total bogan – like the biggest bogan ever – but she’s really likeable and I think she’ll win the whole of Australia over.”

The Bachelorette Australia premieres on Channel Ten on September 23.


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