Entertainment TV Bear Grylls thinks David Attenborough is ‘a bit dry’

Bear Grylls thinks David Attenborough is ‘a bit dry’

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Stunts, mountain climbing, abseiling and free diving are all missing from Sir David Attenborough’s natural history programs, according to adventure TV star Bear Grylls.

And it means he’s missing out on a younger audience.

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Grylls made the comments while promoting his latest series, ITV’s Natural History, which just happens to include all of the above.

“If it’s just natural history it can be a bit dry,” Grylls said of Sir Attenborough’s work.

“When Attenborough was 25 it was totally not dry because it was totally new, but to do something for young people now, it needs that adventure, I think, to inspire them.

“I have a sneaking suspicion that these shows are going to do, accidentally, really well.

“If you look at the success of the Attenborough stuff and [BBC series] Coast over the years, and some of the adventure stuff we’ve done, I think this is a really smart, simple, uncomplicated combination of all of those things.”

Despite the critique of the 89-year-old British national treasure’s style of presenting, Grylls said it wasn’t personal.

He called Sir David Attenbrough a “personal hero, a legend and a humble, great man”.

Grylls’ three-part series starts next week.

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