Entertainment TV War on Terrier: John Oliver takes down Barnaby

War on Terrier: John Oliver takes down Barnaby

John Oliver Barnaby Joyce
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John Oliver has weighed in on Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce’s “war on terrier”, warning Australia to remove everything Australian from the United States – or an adorable baby koala gets it.

The ridiculous drama which ensued last week after Johnny Depp smuggled his two terriers into Australia proved too good for the comedian on his talk show Last Week Tonight on Monday.

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Australia, which Oliver described as “the Russell Crowe of countries”, was a global laughing stock as the comedian played footage of Mr Joyce telling Depp’s dog’s Pistol and Boo to “bugger off”.

“I’ve got to say that’s pretty ballsy,” Oliver said. “Elected officials very rarely risk telling puppies to go f*** themselves.”

It got even more embarrassing when Oliver played audio of the agriculture minister’s fiery radio interview with Kyle Sandilands.John Oliver Barnaby Joyce

“Even Australians felt that Joyce was acting like a bit of a dick,” Oliver said.

“I am not sure finer words have ever been spoken in the English language than ‘shut up Barnaby you insensitive wanker’.

“Someone stitch that onto a throw pillow immediately.”

After Mr Joyce threatened to euthanise Pistol and Boo if the Pirates of the Caribbean actor didn’t remove them within 40 hours, Oliver issued a counter-ultimatum.

“As of this moment you’ve got 50 hours to get everything Australian out of this country.”

“You can start by taking back all of your disgusting Vegemite …. and shitty music albums – especially Midnight Oil.”

Warning: this video contains explicit language

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