Entertainment TV Hockey loves House of Cards, but says he’s not ‘evil’

Hockey loves House of Cards, but says he’s not ‘evil’

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Treasurer Joe Hockey has admitted he pays for a monthly Netflix subscription, the price of which could be increased by his recent federal budget.

Dubbed the ‘Netflix Tax’, the May budget will slap a 10 per cent consumer tax (GST) on online goods like the streaming service, if the states agree to the measure.

The Treasurer told BuzzFeed Australia he would be happy to pay his “fair share”.

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“Well, that’s the way it is, I’ve got to pay my fair share just like everyone else,” Mr Hockey was quoted as saying during a personal interview with the website.

“If there was an Australian company that produced House of Cards, and it was being broadcast over Foxtel or something like that, then I’d want to pay my fair share because I’d want to give them a go.”

His ‘give them a go’ line is reminiscent of a broader theme of fairness the Abbott government has attempted to weave throughout its budget release, a year after the 2013-14 budget was widely criticised for being unfair.

“It’s really about being fair and ensuring that Australian producers can compete with others in the world,” Mr Hockey said.

The Minister’s favourite show was reportedly the political drama House of Cards, but he insisted he saw no similarities between himself and the show’s cutthroat and often criminal characters.

“Frank Underwood’s quite an evil character,” he said of the show’s star.

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