Entertainment TV Jimmy Fallon tried Vegemite and it didn’t go so well

Jimmy Fallon tried Vegemite and it didn’t go so well

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“Like beef bouillon that fell on a brewer’s floor.”

With that, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show broke the hearts of millions of Australians and sent American-Australian relations hurtling back 50 years.

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On Monday night’s show, Fallon and his sidekick announcer Steve Higgins were dared by two young Aussie fans to try the delicious yeasty spread. It didn’t go so well.

“I think Steve Higgins should try Vegemite because he doesn’t really do anything,” said the letter from Charlie, 7, and Jed, 4, as part of the regular ‘Kid Letters’ segment.Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 9.08.15 am

Higgins bravely (and naively) took a giant dollop of Vegemite and spread it (without butter) on a piece of bread (untoasted) before spitting it out immediately.

Any Australian will know this is all wrong.

“What does it taste like, man?” Fallon asked, laughing as Higgins washed his mouth out with coffee.

“I think it’s not for the American palate,” he said.

The 40-year-old comedian raced over and tried it for himself before physically gagging.

“It’s like waves, it comes in waves,” he joked.

“Not bad. It taste like beef bouillon or something,” he then added.

Higgins was far more scathing.

“It tastes like beef bouillon that fell on a brewer’s floor.”

On Twitter, Vegemite was a good sport about the sledging, telling Jimmy Fallon that “not for American palates” might become their new slogan.

Some Americans sympathised with Fallon, calling it “seriously the worst”, but Australians, including the ABC, stood firm and told the 40-year-old he had just eaten it all wrong.

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