Entertainment TV John Oliver says Tony Abbott is a ‘car crash’

John Oliver says Tony Abbott is a ‘car crash’

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American-based British comedian John Oliver has delivered another blow to Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s dwindling credibility.

This time, Oliver has said Abbott is “a car crash of a human being” who delivers endless comedic inspiration.

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“It’s like watching a truck jack-knife on a road,” Oliver said in an interview with Fairfax.

“It’s like, ‘It didn’t crash this time. Let’s give it five minutes, then it’s going into a ditch’.”

JOhn Oliver
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver airs on Foxtel’s Comedy Channel.

The satirical host of Last Week Tonight has dedicated many segments of his show to Australia and the government and said he had good reason.

“Tony Abbott is an objectively fascinating man,” Oliver said.

“The fact he’s the leader of a country is in itself appealing as a comic. What’s nice is being able to present someone who people have not seen here [in the US] and just to give them a glimpse into other people’s pain, as well as their own.”

Oliver has become a household name since leaving The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 2013, where he was a longtime correspondent, to take up the reins of his own show.

His specialty is mocking any person, government or institution who is in a position of power but nevertheless has an absurd stance on legitimate issues.

One of his early episodes included a slot called “Tony Abbott, President of the USA of Australia” where he basically asked “Who the hell is Tony Abbott and how is he Prime Minister?”.

Oliver told Fairfax he became interested in Australia when he travelled here to film a three-part series on gun control, which included, what he called, an “excruciating” interview with former prime minister John Howard.

“I’m not a huge fan of [Howard], so hurting his feelings was not the worst thing that had ever happened to me,” he says.

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