Entertainment TV Offspring star Perfect for ‘Play School’

Offspring star Perfect for ‘Play School’

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Award-winning actor and composer Eddie Perfect says he has fond memories of the ABCs Play School, saying it’s something Australians never really stop watching, no matter how old they are.

After many years of wanting to be part of the program, Mr Perfect says he’s thrilled to finally be the newest addition to the Play School cast.

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Play School is one of the longest-running shows in the world. It is broadcast across Australia to millions of pre-school children and features crafts and reading, as well as singing and dancing.

Mr Perfect recalls his favourite memories of Play School  – hosts Nina and George, Noni Hazlehurst, Rhys Muldoon and John Hamblin –  and says he’s excited to be able to bring himself the program just as they all have.

“What I like about it is you kind of get to be yourself. I’m pretty weird with my kids and I’m pretty weird with my kids’ friends, and all other kids, and they haven’t freaked out yet,” Mr Perfect told The New Daily.

“So I’m looking forward to being myself on the show.

“Now I’ve been handed the baton … it’s just very exciting.”

Offspring stars Kat Stewart with Eddie Perfect. Photo: AAP

Mr Perfect recalls an awkward memory of one of his fondest Play School hosts, while performing in Keating! The Musical.

Playing former Liberal Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, dressed in fishnet stockings and a corset, Mr Perfect had to walk among the audience and roll around on top of people.

He looked closer at the woman he was sitting on and realised it was Play School host Benita Collings.

“I went ‘oh my god’, that was really freaking me out, but it was lovely, I loved her,” Mr Perfect says.

He says being part of Play School was something he has wanted to do for a very long time.

“I’ve done a lot of gigs for the ABC over the years; Spicks and Specks, Q&A, and during mental health week I was on Friday Night Crack Up, and there’s always a green room and a glass of wine afterwards,” Mr Perfect says.

“And I’ve always asked ‘does anyone know who’s producing Play School?’.

“No one knows a thing, it’s like the Illuminati, and it’s filmed in a secret bunker in Ultimo and you can’t get in. There was rumours there was a waiting list for five years, so I was like man, who knows?”

Eventually Mr Perfect received an email in late 2014 requesting he joined the toy-wielding program.

Eddie Perfect getting his bogan on, writing and starring in Shane Warne: The Musical in 2013. Photo: Getty

“I didn’t tell my wife, I didn’t tell my kids, I just thought I have to deal with it myself,” Mr Perfect said of first hearing the news.

“I still haven’t told my kids (aged five and three), and my plan is to one day turn on the TV and go ‘hey, let’s watch Play School’ and I’ll be on it.

“You know what it’s like being a parent, basically your entire life is about blowing your kids’ minds.”

Mr Perfect can be seen on Play School from May, which coincides with the musical Strictly Ballroom running in Melbourne that he has composed songs for.

He also wants to start writing a new stage musical.

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