Entertainment TV ‘Better Call Saul’ breaks records on TV debut

‘Better Call Saul’ breaks records on TV debut

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Your new cult TV hit of 2015 has arrived.

Better Call Saul, a spin-off prequel series from the multi-award winning TV drama, Breaking Bad, debuted this week around the world amid much trumpeting and fanfare.

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The series – set some seven years before the events of Breaking Bad – finds Bob Odenkirk reprising the role of Saul Goodman, aka Jimmy McGill: the morally dubious criminal lawyer who provided occasional bouts of comic relief in the original series.

The debut episode broke a US cable record, becoming the most-watched TV series premiere in history when 6.9 million viewers tuned in to watch on US TV channel AMC.

Directed and co-written by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, the first episode of the season hits the ground with a pace we’re accustomed to; slow, then hard and fast.

Saul was light relief in several Breaking Bad episodes.

The series begins with McGill trying to keep a number of legal balls in the air, all the while wracking up debt and working out of the back room of a nail salon.

Using masterful strokes Gilligan paints the story of a man driven by justice – albeit justice the way he sees it.

Loaded with pathos and healthy doses of dark humour, the superb art direction of Paula Dal Santo (Breaking Bad, In Plain Sight) and joyfully languid cinematography have proven Better Call Saul an instant hit.

In case you were wondering, yes, the iconic flip phone of the criminal underworld are also back. All hail the flip phone.

How to watch it


Right now, Better Call Saul is available on streaming media service Stan. The platform has first-run rights to the show so you’ll see it here before anywhere else.

A monthly subscription to Stan will cost you $10 per month, giving you on-demand access to a large library of movies and TV.

Available to view on PC and mobile devices, with support for Apple TV and Chromecast, the 10-episode series spans 10 weeks, equalling $30 for three month’s viewing.


Video-on-demand (VOD) service Ezyflix.tv also recently announced a cheap deal for the series – the entire first season is available for $10.

Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan. Photo: Getty

Craig White, CEO of Access Digital Entertainment, the company behind EzyFlix.tv, believes this competitive offer tailors perfectly to the Australian market.

“I couldn’t be happier because subscription VOD services are highly complementary to pay-per-view services,” said Mr White.

“Consumers won’t have all their needs met by one service. A show like Better Call Saul is a case in point – it’s available on both.”

Available on Ezyflix.tv around 24 hours after Stan, the program has enjoyed quite a lot of buzz already, thanks to its impeccable pedigree.

“Full credit to some of the very clever marketing and great work that’s been done by others, but, to be honest, the show was set up by five seasons of Breaking Bad,” said White.

If popular for Ezyflix.tv, this may prove a suitable formula for standout content in the future.

“I think consumers will eventually learn to settle on moving in and out of those subscription services based on their content,” said White.

“Will our pricing remain competitive? Yes. We hope to champion the price battle for Australian consumers.”

The Ezyflix.tv deal is available for two weeks from February 10.


For Applephiles, the series is also available on iTunes for $3.49 per episode or $30.99 for a season pass.

A cheaper option is Google Play at $2.99 per episode or $24.99 for a season pass.

Did you enjoy the first episode of Better Call Saul? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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