Entertainment TV Baptism of fire on The Block Triple Threat

Baptism of fire on The Block Triple Threat

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It was the kind of initiation to The Block that we’ve come to expect. Thrown in. Deep end.

Triple Threat is a week of renovations that will stretch the best of them. Three teams will stay, moving onto the real Block, and three teams will go.

In another triple, the successful teams will have to complete three rooms in a week – a bedroom, a living/dining room and a bathroom.

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A cracking pace was set as the teams fanged through the streets of Melbourne to the elimination house in South Yarra.

On day one, the teams worked on completing an entire bedroom.

WA siblings Luke and Ebony – the first brother and sister on the block – seemed to have pretty good chemistry going on early, but then disappeared for hours.

And there was nearly an early casualty.

Poor Anastasia belted through the the door a bit to fast as the teams got underway, stumbled on her heels and hit the deck.

Thankfully she was fine. Occupational health and safety, Anastasia. It’s vital.

It’s also hard not to love Melbourne cousins Aimee and Brooke.

While all the contestants seem ripe for The Block, these two have that “I want to watch more of you” personality.

They were the last to arrive at the elimination house while busily singing and dancing to the car camera.

“I was shocked just pulling up,” Aimee said “It’s actually a place”.

block-280115-newdailyYes, Aimee, it is.

After taking 40 minutes to find the front door of their apartment, they spent the rest of day one shopping.

They need to get their skates on, though their confidence is a virtue.

Sydney-siders Mark and JJ oozed stress from the get-go.

As did Aiden and Jess. Screaming and misplacing car key in the first few hours does not a successful Block team make.

Also surprising was the contestants’ shock at the state of the elimination property.

For those who didn’t see its dire state “Are we in Mexico?” was one of the questions flung around.

In all honesty, it could’ve been worse.

And among the most naive first timer comments: “ I thought they’d have tradies organised.”

Really, have you ever watched an episode?

It wasn’t the most dramatic of starts but after a sleepless first night on The Block, Wednesday night’s episode will have the room reveal and the first elimination.

And we’re yet to even see the returning all-stars.

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