Entertainment TV The 10 things Lee Lin Chin taught us this year

The 10 things Lee Lin Chin taught us this year

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Lee Lin Chin, who presents several segments on SBS’s The Feed, appears to be one of the few media figures who truly tells it like it is.

That, or she has a background in standup comedy.

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As she said herself in an episode of The Feed, “when people hear the name Lee Lin Chin, three things naturally spring to mind: journalistic excellence, flawless fashion sense and incredible comic timing”.

The Indonesia-born Chin has spent 12 years charming SBS audiences with her offbeat fashion choices and journalistic skills, but this year saw her move in an entirely different direction.

On The Feed, we see her dabble in gossip, cooking and prank videos, allowing her to show off her searing sense of humour.

The longtime newsreader spent the majority of 2014 dishing out pearls of wisdom across various mediums including her Twitter account, which boasts 11,000 followers, and her popular YouTube videos.

Here are some of the things she taught us…

1. Being a ‘media personality’ is not a thing

2. ‘Performance spaces’ are not a thing either

3. Cats are the enemy

4. If you’re on television, you can get anything you want

5. It’s important to take fashion risks lee-lin-chind-fashion6. Swearing is tacky


7. Honesty is important in any friendship

8. Alcohol fixes everything


9. A threesome with a celebrity couple isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

10. Finally, self confidence is the key to any successful career

A previous version of this story stated Lee Lin Chin was the host of The Feed. That was incorrect – Marc Fennell is the host of The Feed.

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