Entertainment TV Mark Holden’s bizarre ‘DWTS’ run ends

Mark Holden’s bizarre ‘DWTS’ run ends

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Controversial Dancing with the Stars contestant Mark Holden has been booted off the reality show after a series of bizarre antics saw him lose favour with voters.

Holden, a former singer and now barrister, was voted off on the Tuesday night episode of the series after only four weeks as a contestant.

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“God no. I love it, I’ve loved playing with the TV machine. It’s been lovely to have one more go at it,” Holden said after his elimination.

“And now I get to have a nice, long rest. And a drink.”

Here, we recap the events that lead to his demise.

Holden’s unusual ‘Putin-inspired’ outfit.

Putin on the ritz

In his last turn on the dance floor, Holden chose to channel Vladimir Putin in a strange outfit and fake bald wig.

Dancing the paso double with his beleaguered partner Jessica Prince, Holden proceeded to take off his top and expose his completely naked upper half to the judges.

Before the judges delivered his verdict, Prince taped his mouth shut to avoid any unforeseen inappropriate comments.

Host Daniel MacPherson summed it up best when he said, “excuse me, half-naked crazy man.”

Clowning around

Holden’s downfall began with this exceptionally strange performance during the week three show.

Dressed as a clown, the former popstar loped around the dance floor, throwing confetti and terrorising the judges.

In his post-dance interview, Holden harassed MacPherson, rubbing himself against the host and saying, “Do ya like balloons Danny? I could get you a balloon Danny”.

The judges’ verdict was unsurprisingly scathing, but Holden chose to deflect criticism by faking a fart noise and offering to “sit down” judge Kym Johnston on his knee.

He later took to the radio to apologise for the incident, explaining:  “Once I put the costume on, I did a Heath Ledger (who played the Joker in The Dark Knight) and got totally lost in the part. The clown took over. In the end, I had no control over what happened.”

Holden denied being drunk at the time.

Into the swing

mark holden dwts 3
Holden on this week’s episode of ‘DWTS’.

The barrister also notably made an inappropriate joke whilst on-air, suggesting that the primetime show should introduce a “swingers week”.

Host Daniel MacPherson was notably embarrassed by the quip, pushing Holden and his parter off camera and saying, “thank you, it’s still a family show here guys. Get out of here.”

“If I was a conspiracy theorist I’d think you were employed by the other networks not Seven,” judge Todd McKenney joked.

Holden later accused McKenney of having “a vendetta” against him.

‘No rhythm’

Even Holden’s own dancing partner was critical of his abilities, telling news.com.au he lacked rhythm but was trying hard.

“I know that Mark is not Fred Astaire and we will probably never be top of the leaderboard purely because a 60-year-old man with osteoporosis will never be able to dance like an Olympian,” Prince said.

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