Entertainment TV HBO tattoos ‘Games of Thrones’ fans

HBO tattoos ‘Games of Thrones’ fans

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Sure, you may call yourself a Game of Thrones fan, but would you get it tattooed on your body?

American television network HBO has rewarded loyal fans of the series by giving free permanent tattoos to 111 fanatical followers.

The network teamed up with San Diego tattoo shop Left Hand Black to bestow free GoT-themed ink on the lucky viewers.

According to Mashable, fans were able to choose from a list of 12 options, ranging from the House Targaryen crest to the slogan “valar morghulis” (“all men must die”).


There’s no doubt the fantasy drama mega-series is a runaway hit, but could you commit to a GoT-themed tattoo? Let us know in the comments section below.

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