Entertainment TV Celebrate 25 years of Seinfeld with 25 great moments

Celebrate 25 years of Seinfeld with 25 great moments

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This week marked 25 years since Seinfeld premiered on NBC in the US.

Originally titled The Seinfeld Chronicles, the pilot focused on how comedian Jerry Seinfeld gathered material for his stand up routine.

Initially, NBC was not enthusiastic about the program and it was only through the persistence of a few executives that the show stayed on the air and eventually the world fell in love with the shenanigans of Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine.  

Seinfeld would go onto become one of the most popular television series of all time, with it’s finale being watched by a whopping 76 million viewers in the US.

What made the show groundbreaking was the hilarious minutiae moments of each episode – Seinfeld somehow made trivial issues cultural talking points, just by making a program about nothing.

There are literally hundreds of classic Seinfeld scenes. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show, we’ve compiled our Top 25 moments that made this TV show iconic.

25. The Pez Dispenser

Jerry recieves a Tweety Bird Pez dispenser from Kramer and thinks it’s hilarious. It is.

24. Double Dip

It’s rare that a TV show invents a phrase that enters into the world culture: but that’s what happened when George dipped his chip twice at a party.

23. The Soup Nazi

The gang develop a taste for a soup shop run by a very fierce proprietor.

22. Bookman – Library Cop

After not having returned a book for over 20 years, Jerry gets a visit from the library cop, Joe Bookman.

21. Susie’s Funeral

Elaine creates a fake co-worker, Susie, in order to appease a colleague. Once Susie becomes successful, Elaine kills her off (remember she’s not real), and then they must go to her funeral.

20. The Pony

At a dinner party for some elderly Polish immigrants, Jerry makes some innocuous comments about ponies that unexpectedly offends an old woman.

19. The Shower Head

Shower heads in the building are changed, and Kramer and Jerry are left with low flow showers that ruin their hair. Desperate for a better shower, Kramer turns to the black market.

18. Festivus for the rest of us

A crowning Frank Costanza moment. Frank explains his Festivus holiday to Kramer.

17. The Stall

Elaine gets payback on Jerry’s girlfriend who had refused to “spare a square” of toilet paper with her.

16. The Conversion

As George tries to convert to Latvian Orthodox to keep his girlfriend, Kramer discovers he possesses ‘the lure of the animal’, making him irresistible to every woman that he meets.

15. The Christmas Card

Elaine sends out a Christmas card that exposes a little too much.

14. The Fire

Whilst attending a children’s birthday party George smells fire in the kitchen and does what he does best … saves himself.

13. The Contest

George’s mother catches him in a compromising position.

12. The Mohel

At the circumcision of Jerry and Elaine’s friend’s baby, the incredibly flamboyant and neurotic Mohel shows up and steals the show.

11. The Puffy Shirt

Jerry and Elaine are out at dinner with Kramer and his new girlfriend who unfortunately is a ‘low-talker’ and Jerry unwittingly agrees to go on national television dressed as a pirate.

10. The Opposite

Realising his life has hit rock bottom, George decides to do the opposite of his own natural instincts, with surprising success. Simultaneously, as George’s luck changes, so does Elaine as her life begins to fall apart, as for Jerry, well, he’s ‘Even Steven’.

9. Vandelay Industries

In an effort to continue to get his unemployment benefits, George lies to his case officer that he has applied for a job at Vandelay Industries: giving them Jerry’s number: unfortunately when they call, Kramer answers.

8. Elaine’s dance

Elaine stops a work party in its tracks when she takes to the dance floor.

7. Not that there’s anything wrong with that

After a coffee shop prank where Elaine pretends Jerry and George are a gay couple, they are outed in all of the national newspapers. As they try to navigate the fallout they have to consistently reiterative that they’re not gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

6. The Doorman

While Elaine is house sitting for her boss Mr Pitt, Jerry encounters the building’s antagonistic doorman, (Jerry Seinfeld’s real life best friend, Larry Miller). In a series of bizarre run ins, Jerry and Elaine end up being implicated in a couch being stolen from the building’s lobby, left to wonder “is it possible we were victims of a sting operation?”

5. The Marine Biologist

After running into an old high school crush, George pretends to be a marine biologist before having his own lie come back on him in the most dramatic way possible.

4. The Pig Man

On a visit to the hospital Kramer stumbles into the wrong room and freaks out at the sight of a ‘Pig Man’, Convinced more is going on, Kramer believes there is a government conspiracy to create a super race of pig men, he decides to save the pig man and give him a ride in George’s car.

3. Kramer’s bus story

When Kramer’s girlfriend loses her pinkie toe, he springs into action in order to save it.

2. The Junior Mint

Kramer & Jerry go to watch Elaine’s ex-boyfriend have surgery; Kramer, inappropriately, brings snacks.

1. The Race

Jerry’s girlfriend Lois works for an old high school rival, Duncan, who he once beat in a big race. Jerry it turned out had accidentally cheated, denied it and then refused to ever run again. After pressure from Duncan, Jerry agrees to race again.

What’s your favourite Seinfeld moment? Tell us below. 

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