Entertainment TV Golden TV from the Globes: What to watch for 2014

Golden TV from the Globes: What to watch for 2014

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If the Golden globes teaches us anything, it’s that there are TV shows we haven’t seen yet that we desperately want to watch.

While most of the shows nominated have had some air time, occasionally there are US hits that we have yet to even hear a whisper about.

This year the surprise Golden Globe winner was Brooklyn Nine Nine, which one best comedy TV series. There was also a lot of talk about True Detectives, starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

Here are some tips for 2014 and where and when you can watch them.

True Detective (HBO)

Where: Foxtel’s Showcase channel
When: Monday’s at 6:30pm express from the US or 8:30pm on Tuesdays

True Detective was being promoted left, right and centre during the Golden Globes so it’s time to store this in your planner.

Starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as Louisiana detectives Rust Cohle and Marin Hart, True Detectives follows a 17-year murder investigation that overtakes their lives. Also starring Michelle Monoghan as Harrelson’s onscreen wife.

The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC)

Where: Foxtel’s Universal channel
When: Starts January 15 at 8:30pm

Eternal family favourite Michael J. Fox returns to the screen with this family comedy, which features Fox as a nice-guy dad and focusses on his family dealing with his Parkinsons illness. It is based on the actors real-life experiences battling the disease. Reviews have been hit and miss but, c’mon, it’s Michael J. Fox!

Rake (Fox)

Where: Foxtel’s Universal channel
When: TBA. Expected to air in the second half of 2014.

A remake of the Australian hit show, the US version has Greg Kinnear stepping into the role as the brilliant defence lawyer, this time called Keegan Deane, with a shady personal life. Also starring Australian actor Miranda Otto.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)

Where: TBA
When: No Australian release date or channel announced but expect it to be on Foxtel

Winner of Golden Globes for best comedy series and best actor in a comedy series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was the surprise packet of the night. The series is a cop-caper and revolves around a police precinct in Brooklyn, New York. The show had only aired 12 episodes when it beat out Girls, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and Parks and Recreation, so we are assuming it’s damn good thing. Watch this space for more info.