Entertainment Style Fashion trends we hope will (and won’t) be back in 2022

Fashion trends we hope will (and won’t) be back in 2022

Crocs Australia
After a year consumed by more COVID lockdowns, there are plenty of fashion trends that we hope to never see again. Photo: Getty
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Even though Australians spent more time indoors this year, there are a bunch of fun, bold trends that we hope will return in 2022.

Although we may not have been able to get dressed up to go out for a night on the town for most of the year, our social media feeds were littered with colourful, creative looks.

On the other hand, many Aussies saw stay-at-home orders as a chance to trade their suit jackets for Oodies and opt for ugg boots over heels.

Now that we have endured our final COVID lockdowns (*knock wood*), it’s time to clear out our drab cosy outfits in favour of the bright, bold fashions that emerged in the past 12 months.

Hello: Bright colours

2021 saw a bundle of retro trends come back to life.

Pop star Dua Lipa was undeniably one of the year’s biggest fashion influences, showing off her 1990s resurgence looks on social media.

She drew inspiration from her psychedelic-pop project Future Nostalgia and infused her fashion with pops of colour – proving the science of ‘complementary colours’ really is a thing of the past.

From a glance at some of her outfits from this year, it turns out the sky really is the limit when it comes to experimental colour combinations.

Plus, wearing colour can supposedly boost your mood and confidence – if you need some more pep in your step for the year to come.

Goodbye: Mullets and moustaches

It seems everyone had plenty of time this year to grow a mullet and a mo.

Although it has been a great lockdown look, we reckon next year will be the year of the clean shave and the buzzcut.

Will you be shedding your lockdown locks in 2022?

Let’s be honest, you’re kidding yourself if you think you wear a mullet as well as Western Bulldogs player Bailey Smith or Hannah Montana-turned-pop-rocker Miley Cyrus.

Hello: Crazy textures and patterns

One of the pandemic’s many lessons has been that life is too short to be boring.

That’s why we think 2022 will be the year of embracing patterns, prints and textures.

There were plenty of print-worthy lockdown looks that we adored this year, looking at music stars Olivia Rodrigo and Tyler, The Creator (and his fashion brand, Golf Wang).

Now that we can get out to social events and take photos with our friends once more, pop on your favourite printed ensemble and express yourself.

Goodbye: Crocs

Sure, we agree Crocs are empirically comfortable.

And don’t get us wrong, Crocs make for fantastic beach footwear.

But who decided these rubber clogs made a good fashion statement?

Nicki Minaj and Kendall Jenner were big proponents of the Crocs trend of 2021. Photo: Instagram/Backgrid

Sales of Crocs skyrocketed by 4900 per cent in May when American rapper Nicki Minaj donned a pair of bedazzled hot pink Crocs in a sultry Instagram snap.

Plus, anything seen on supermodel Kendall Jenner seems to instantly sell out. She was seen out and about wearing a camo pair in July.

I guess we have them to blame for this fashion faux pas.

Your feet deserve better in 2022!

Hello: Fun pants

Our bottom half has spent the better part of the past two years hidden under a desk while we’ve been on countless Zoom calls.

So, why not highlight your legs with bright colours as things start to open up again?

Harry Styles has mastered the trend to a ‘T’, pairing his bell-bottom lilac pants with a shredded black singlet.

Plus, country darling Kacey Musgraves alerted us to the fact that ultra-mini skirts are officially back in style in her music video for Simple Times.

So, if you’re keen show off your best assets, go for it!

Goodbye: Boring black face masks

As restrictions come and go across the country, it’s a safe assumption to say face masks will be part of our 2022 wardrobes.

So, if you have to wear a face mask, make it a colourful one.

Bonus points for matching your face mask to your outfit, like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles at the Grammys.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles brought their face mask ‘A’ game to the 63rd Grammy Awards. Photo: Twitter/Getty