Entertainment Style Kirstie Clements: Six autumn fashion trends that you are actually going to love

Kirstie Clements: Six autumn fashion trends that you are actually going to love

A model presents a creation for Louis Vuitton's during the women's Spring/Summer 2020/2021 collection fashion shows in Paris on October 6, 2020.
From sweater vests to trench coats, we have won the fashion lottery this season.
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There’s a slight chill in the morning air in Sydney, indicating that we are heading into a new fashion season, and that it might be time to add some new pieces to the wardrobe.

I have been busy evaluating all the new trends and was ready to dismiss 90 percent of them as irrelevant – until I was stopped in my tracks.

There are actually some really fabulous offerings out, that are practical, chic, flattering. And comfortable.

Maybe designers and retailers had a re-think during COVID. But shoppers, we have won the fashion lottery.

Sweater vests

Why has this taken so long? The sweater vest, that lovely seventies Faye Dunaway staple is back. It’s a brilliant option for Australia, when the weather is not cold enough for a heavy sweater. I love them worn over a long- or short-sleeved shirt obviously, but they are also great on their own, if you like your arms.

Trenchcoats worn over shorts or leggings

What a game changer this is, the idea that you can stay comfortable but still look smart and professional by just adding a lightweight knee-length trench. The new styles are slightly oversized and forgiving, more voluminous and sportier rather than slim cut, and tightly belted. Khaki is of course a classic, but think about vanilla, Prussian blue or maybe a bright red for a cheerful update.


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Oversized men’s-style shirts

The crisp, white button-through man’s-style shirt thankfully remains in place as a wardrobe staple, but we are also seeing the white shirt with puffed sleeves, high necks, pussy bows, and pleated tuxedo styles. A long-line white shirt, worn with black leggings and loafers is a great, low key, low fuss day-into-night look.

We are seeing men’s-style shirts with pussy bows, high necks, puffed sleevs and more. Photo: zara.com

Blue and pink

I joined a lunch attended by a large group of influencers last week, and the look du jour was mostly black, cream and camel (over-moisturising is also very in, judging by the high shine complexions), but the new colours coming through in stores are gorgeous blues and deep pinks which will liven things up. A hot pink blazer, a bright turquoise blue dress, snazzy lipstick, pink cigarette pants – just one hit of colour will change everything, and probably improve your mood.


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Le jogging

Now this is exciting – there are now ‘lounge pants’ (actually, they are trackies) and hoodies, but with a sharp couture cut and coming in luxe fabrics such as Lurex, satin or mercerized cotton.

Pair a heel with your hoodie for the ultimate going out look. Photo: cynthiarowley.com

The best hoodies have a sort of cool Sixties cocktail feel, as they stand out from the body slightly, and give a more fashionable silhouette. You can wear these with a heel for the ultimate at home/going out dressing.


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The ultra-mini Ugg

It’s legit. The mini Ugg is on the must-have list. It can be considered an evening shoe. Go traditional, choose the regulation brown colour, and wear them with pride and/or orthotics. Maybe with your shorts or leggings, the trench, the shirt, the sweater vest. For once, the fashion world is on our side.


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