Entertainment Style Macca’s straws as swimsuits and sauces as shoes – really

Macca’s straws as swimsuits and sauces as shoes – really

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If you love Macca’s so much, why don’t you wear it?

Well, now you can.

Micky D’s is branching out into swimwear and sneakers – albeit kind of accidentally.

McDonald’s in Austria has recently phased out its plastic straws for the more eco-conscious paper variety.

But what to do with the leftover plastic straws? Turn them into swimwear, of course.

Hey, I’d recognise those stripes anywhere. Photo: McDonald’s Austria

The company used a mixture of leftover, recycled straws and rubbish clean up from the ocean.

Austrian label Poleit designed the range – a women’s one-piece and men’s swimming shorts – in the classic yellow, red and white straw-stripe combination.

Sad news for consumers, however you won’t be able to buy the gear. At least not yet, anyway.

The limited-edition swimmers will be raffled.

McDonald’s Australia has also committed to phasing out plastic straws and cutlery, with both to be replaced by fibre-based alternatives by the end of this year.

In more wearable Macca’s moves, the fast food icon has made a combo deal with Adidas to produce a range of sneakers inspired by its dipping sauces range.

Slow down – once again, this is an overseas initiative, this time in India.

The sauce pack collab is also partly inspired by NBA basketball stars James Harden, Damian Lillard and Tracy McGrady and the way they “add their own flavour” to the game.

Harden’s shoe takes its colour inspo from the purple and orange packaging of the garlic chilli sauce.

Lillard’s Dame 6 design blends his ‘on and off-court personalities’, brought to life in a shoe via the McDonald’s classic dipping sauce colours of green and orange.

Everyone’s favourite Big Mac sauce goes on the shoe designed influenced by McGrady. The TMac 1 is metallic gold and red.

The range is only available in India, and starts at $206.