Entertainment Style Mix up your wardrobe and break all the fashion rules – I dare you

Mix up your wardrobe and break all the fashion rules – I dare you

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Wear an evening dress in the middle of the day – why not, there are no rules in this age. Photo: Getty
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Isolation has upended all of our lives, and in terms of fashion and beauty, our priorities have changed accordingly – a new evening dress, not so crucial; L’Oréal Magic Retouch in Dark Brown, order in bulk.

Taking aside the fact that none of us have any dressy events to go to, now does not seem to the be the time to be splashing out and spending money on the non-essentials.

We’re starting to truly realise what we can and can’t live without, and I don’t think I’m the only one who has decided that I have way too many clothes, and that I need to wear what I already own far more often.

I would suggest spending a day in your closet and laying everything out on the bed and or floor, Marie Kondo style, and immediately removing any pieces that you don’t like.

You too can experience the difficulty of trying to capture a flat lay without casting a shadow. Photo: Getty

Check out the runways shows of designers you admire for inspiration, especially when it comes to colour pairing and try restyling what you already have, lying it all the floor like a flat lay page in a magazine.

A plain V-neck sweater can be updated with a floral silk pussy bow blouse underneath.

A bottle green cardigan could look fresh with a hot pink satin shirt; a tailored blazer can be worn with sweatpants; a trench coat over a pretty dress; silk pyjama pants with a sweater and pearls.

Pull out all your accessories, including handbags (Wow, remember those? Remember actually needing to carry a handbag?) and add those to the equation, mixing up colours and styles and re-arranging them into different ensembles.

There are no strict rules in fashion anymore, so you actually can’t make a mistake.

Handbags and sweaters? Why not – try it and see what happens, I say. Photo: Getty

Don’t think of things in terms of day and evening, or everyday wear and special occasion. The key is to mix all these things up, denim and satin and tweed and jewels all at once.

You may find that you really don’t require any new additions at all for a wardrobe refresh, just a change in how they are styled. But beauty is a challenge.

I know I don’t need salon facials, manicures, pedicures and, as my last eyelash extension fluttered to the floor, those either, but they will be the first doors I will be knocking on once we are released back into polite society.

While I’m technically proficient with a nail file and an at-home face mask, the results are not remotely similar to those of a professional therapist, and no way am I able to glue individual lashes onto my eyelids without ending up in the emergency department.

Breaking rules and pushing boundaries in fashion works – just ask Gorman. Photo: Getty

I’m not even adept at home hair colour, as I once proved to my horrified hairdresser by turning my hair matte blue-black in two easy sessions while he was on holidays.

And while there are plenty of video tutorials on how to cut your own bangs, I’d be wary of the home haircut – just look at Joe Exotic from Tiger King.