Entertainment Style Coronavirus time well spent: How to overhaul your wardrobe

Coronavirus time well spent: How to overhaul your wardrobe

We're all stuck at home. Might as well get that wardrobe of yours sorted. Photo: Getty
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Everyone has a lot of time on their hands at home at the moment, and like many of us, in between working and Zoom meetings, I have cleaned out the pantry, rearranged the linen cupboard and dusted and sorted the bookshelf.

This weekend it might be time for a major wardrobe edit. While it may be an excellent time to shop online, and to help to keep small and local businesses alive, we also have to pare back what we already own in order to make room.

If you are thinking about creating a functional winter wardrobe you, hopefully, will be able to wear in the near future, here are some quick tips to get it started now.

It’s all about an oversized pantsuit at the moment, and a big boxy jacket will update everything you already have – worn with jeans, a short skirt, over a dress, or even trackpants. This one purchase will set you up for the new season and beyond. Go for black to be sensible ,or colour if you need cheering up.

Pantsuits will elevate your wardrobe and your social status. Photo: Getty

Take out your existing knitwear and put it in the sun for an afternoon to breathe some life into it. If you need additions, an oversized funnel neck sweater or long line cardigan will work over all your summer dresses, especially slip dresses.

It might be time for a major handbag cull. Big, ornamental day bags seem a little superfluous now. All you need is a roomy tote, a smaller day bag or purse that goes inside the tote, and a statement clutch or evening bag for when the more formal occasions return.

A trench coat may be a good investment piece for now, as it adds instant polish when put over, well, anything, even your leggings and sweatshirt when you venture out to shop for food or essential services.

Hide under the chic veil of a trench when you do your essentials shopping runs. Photo: Getty

Go through all your shoes and do a complete edit – ditch any that aren’t in good condition, clean the entire collection ( a wipe down with diluted vinegar will deter mould) and give them a good dose of sunlight until they are bone dry for hygienic reasons. Pack away the high heels and sandals for the moment in cloth bags, and put all the boots and trainers at the front, pristine and ready to go.

Ordering some new fitness wear may help you to stay motivated. I am far more likely to switch on a yoga or workout video if I am dressed in the appropriate outfit (I bought a fab Lululemon outfit for the first time recently and it has made me more inclined to get active).

Wearing the T-shirt I slept in and some pyjama bottoms all day sends me straight to the coffeemaker.

This is the perfect time to go through all your tangled tights and pair up mismatched socks. Ditto with lingerie – throw out anything that is stretched, too small or has seen better days.

Pack up everything in plastic you don’t need or wear at the moment and put them away. You may find that at the end of this period, you don’t really need them at all and they can go straight to charity, or re-sale.

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