Entertainment Style Oh, the ecstasy when you and a dress just click – and no, I don’t mean online

Oh, the ecstasy when you and a dress just click – and no, I don’t mean online

Kirstie Clements loves having a local dressmaker, but the pieces don't come cheap. Photo: Baz Inc
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I had lunch with a friend a couple of months ago, and she was wearing a gorgeous lipstick pink velvet blazer.

“Where did you buy that?” I asked.

“I found this great boutique just near me,” she replied.

“You should go.”

And so when I found myself in the Kings Cross neighbourhood last week, I popped in.

And the clothes were lovely, all designed by the owner for her label Baz Inc, and made in Australia.

They had everything going for them; beautifully designed, wearable styles that had just the right amount of edge to keep them interesting, such as a fluorescent striped ribbon sewn down the sleeve of a crisp voile floral peasant blouse, a bomber jacket for evening in low key lurex and silk satin skirts with sporty details at the waist.

The prices were reasonable, the fit forgiving.

As I was flicking through the racks, Baz said “this just came in today” and handed me a navy blue silk satin tea dress, cut on the bias, finishing just about the ankle.

“Try it on,” she urged.

I rushed to the change room, praying that it would fit.

I pulled it over my head, and felt it glide easily over my hips.

Short sleeves that covered the tops of my arms, a v neckline that was not too low.

It tapered under the bust, making me look like I have a waist.

And, wait for it, it had pockets.

This was my absolute dream dress come to life.

“Oh and I have this one” she said, offering me another one in the same style, but this time in black silk with a fine pink spot.

I was feeling giddy with excitement.

The perfect dress. Times two.

“And how about this?” she said, pulling out a bright electric blue version in a slightly stretchier fabric.

It looked just as fab as the other two, and it was a colour I would never normally consider.

“I can’t buy three in the same style can I?” I asked Baz.

“No, I think you can have two,” she said sensibly.

But which ones?

The navy silk was a no-brainer.

Baz Inc’s silk bias cut dress costs $500. Photo: Baz Inc

It had a bit of a vintage Downton Abbey feel about it, and I could see it with a red lip and diamante jewellery.

And what’s not to love about a classic spot?

“I don’t know that I’m going to wake up every day thinking I want to wear electric blue,” I mused.

“I can always make you one later on in black,” Baz said helpfully.

I left with the navy and the spot, and it hit me as I strolled back to the car what a brilliant experience it is to shop locally, in a boutique where the owner/designer/dressmaker knows you, and understands your style.

This has been the bonding experience of many generations of women, who have walked past a shop window and seen a pretty dress that they simply had to have, and that made them feel a million dollars.

Online shopping may be convenient but isn’t it great to know who made your clothes?

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