Entertainment Style Those Trump women! Lots of, er, style, but not much else except Daddy Donald’s bucks

Those Trump women! Lots of, er, style, but not much else except Daddy Donald’s bucks

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump on her recent trip to Ethiopia. Photo: Getty
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My favourite fraud Ivanka Trump is up to her old tricks again as she sets out to empower women all over the world, this time in Africa, with her complete lack of qualifications and snappy dress sense.

The author of Women Who Work – a sparky manual on how to achieve work/life balance after your father bankrolls your business and you marry a millionaire – President Trump’s favourite daughter has since insinuated herself into a senior position in her father’s administration, despite having no experience nor any apparent self-awareness.

Ivanka’s 2017 book. Photo: Penguin

Her doting dad has thrown some great jobs at her, including US ambassador to the United Nations and most recently and gob-smackingly, head of the world bank, but Ivanka has decided to continue her self-appointed mission of “advancing women’s participation in the workforce” via the W-GDP, an initiative launched in February, and coinciding, ironically enough, with President Trump’s ban on US aid to health groups that provide abortions.

Ivanka had a fine time in Ethiopia, showing Sahle-Work Zewde, a career diplomat and that nation’s first female president, how its done – and changing into numerous fetching outfits throughout the day, including the quintessential colonial white cotton dress with jaunty neck scarf, (which was missing just a pith helmet), with an attached cape by Australian designer Alex Perry.

The Trump women are brilliant at planning their outfits with a lens so literal they becomes costumes – lace mantillas in the Vatican with a bemused Pope, tightly belted trench coats and high heels as they stride without purpose or a clue across the White House lawn to Marine One, the presidential helicopter.

Her stepmother, Melania, knocks it out of the park when it comes to tone-deaf fashion: aviator sunglasses and baseball caps in disaster zones, fedoras and linen pantsuits in Egypt, jodhpurs, riding boots and a, yes you guessed it, pith helmet in Africa.

Melania styles effortlessly in Egypt. Photo: Getty

It was apparent on the night of President Trump’s inauguration that no member of the Trump family, apart from Barron, intended to go the low-key route and play down their privilege and inexplicable pomposity.
Ivanka emerged onto the stage with her security-clearance-challenged husband in a gown so over the top it could have been concocted by Cinderella’s helpers.

For all of Ivanka’s husky declarations that she doesn’t want to talk about politics, we are treated to a spectacle of supreme nepotism when she takes her unearned place on the stage at world forums in her tizzy Madison Avenue dresses and sexy court shoes.

As her father bans transgender troops from serving, separates mothers from their children at the US southern border, attacks and endangers a Muslim congresswoman on Twitter and shouts insanely about Democrats killing babies at birth, his pampered princess says not a word, inserting herself into international think tanks she has no business being at, choosing to hide behind a smokescreen of fictional female advancement.

So what outfit goes with that?

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