Entertainment Style The 10 things you should pack for a stylishly lightweight summer holiday

The 10 things you should pack for a stylishly lightweight summer holiday

how to pack light for a stylish summer holiday
A mid-length or long silk dress can do for more dressy dinners or lunches, washes and dries easily and weighs next to nothing. Photo: Getty
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I am in the happy position of going on a tropical holiday at the end of the month – one that will require travelling in seaplanes, and thus, weight is an issue. Both my luggage and mine.

The travel agent emailed to ask how much I weighed and I was the most taken aback I’ve been since the doctor told me I was having not a baby … but twins.

I never weigh myself. I judge from how tight my clothes are, and always assume they’ve shrunk. But this time I couldn’t lie.

It’s both a highly invasive personal question and a major safety issue. I envisaged all my fellow holiday-makers standing there ready to board, realising when they saw me that I was not in fact a Carla Zampatti size-10 and that I have now singlehandedly grounded the only sea plane going to the island.

Once I got over the ignominy of discovering my real – as opposed to ideal – weight, the next blow arrived. Personal luggage, including hand-held, must be less than 15 kilograms.

Now, I’m a reasonably light packer, but that is quite the challenge. Last time I looked, my toiletries bag weighed about that. I went on a media trip to Fiji last year, and one of the other journalists brought one small carry-on bag for the whole, week-long trip.

Incredulous, I asked her to show me what she had packed. It was several short playsuits (black for dinner, colour for the day), undies, a pair of dressy flat sandals, two bikinis, a denim jacket and some earrings. She looked great on every occasion. But I do want to add she was tan, trim and 25, so, that’s a major head start there, people, that I want you to remember.

how to pack light for a stylish summer holiday
Remember to pack not one, but two swimsuits. Photo: Getty

Nothing is more fun than planning what to take on a summer holiday, so I began to plan it out, with the 15-kilogram limit in mind, including the fact that me in a playsuit is not a thing that will ever happen. So, here are my resort-wear musts

  • A pretty light, mid-length or long silk dress. Can be worn to the more dressy dinners or lunches, will wash and dry easily and weighs next to nothing
  • A caftan, in silk or cotton (I like plain white or black cotton versions) this will work as a beach cover-up in the day that can then be worn with earrings or beads for dinner
  • A white cotton shirt or peasant blouse. Pop it over a swimsuit, wrap a sarong over it as a skirt to wear from the beach to lunch, put it with silk trousers for evening
  • Silk trousers (see above) for the plane, and for restaurant dining
how to pack light for a stylish summer holiday
Silk trousers: comfortable, practical, versatile. Photo: Instagram
  • A light pashmina, for cooler evenings, to throw over yourself during an afternoon nap, and for the plane
  • Flat sandals. Wear your sneakers on the flight (more hygienic)
  • Two swimming costumes to save that awful feeling of having to put on a wet one
  • A T-shirt- worn over the cossie, with the sarong and the sandals, ready for breakfast
  • Some people may take workout gear, so I suppose so … if you must
  • A hat that can be rolled and packed. Pop on your sunglasses and you are sorted

Oh, and my final and most important tip – full-piece floral swimsuits age you at least 20 years.

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