Entertainment Style When bad fashion happens to stylish people

When bad fashion happens to stylish people

Bella Hadid
Model Bella Hadid looked great (if a tad morose) above the waist at Being Serena on April 25. Photo: Getty
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Striding onto the red carpet at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on April 26, Blake Lively showcased confidence and a perennial fashion favourite, a navy jacket.

But Lively, 30, pushed the envelope with the wardrobe staple that style stars like Cindy Crawford and Emmanuelle Alt habitually pair with a form-fitting jean and a white shirt.

Promoting her upcoming thriller A Simple Favour, Lively got the memo about the white shirt, but skipped pants and instead wore her navy tuxedo jacket as a dress with a bowtie and white heels.

Blake Lively Las Vegas
Good news is Blake Lively was happy with her April 26 look. Photo: Getty

This is a woman who can make a torn wetsuit sing, but the look fell as short as her dress.

Her half-up, half-down hair was reminiscent of a retro Avon catalogue. Bowties are always best left to country doctors and magicians. And tuxedo dresses were a Kim Kardashian obsession last year.

Meanwhile, Kylie Minogue was busy in New York spruiking her new album Golden.

To subtly hammer home the message, Kylie, 49, sashayed around in golden boots.

Kylie Minogue New York
Kylie and her space age meets boho looks in New York on April 26. Photo: Getty

Twice on April 26, the Dolce and Gabbana fan broke out the literal footwear in maxi dresses which themselves were off the mark.

The red and white striped one needed running in a bit and looked like a longer version of the $12 polyblend kaftans sold on the beach in Phuket. The blue floral number felt dated and too girly.

British tabloids report that Kylie has been “quietly dating” British GQ’s creative director Paul Solomons since February, so perhaps he can steer her away from her ‘Nashville in the summer’ incarnation.

Another victim of literal dressing? Model Bella Hadid, 21, who foot-faulted at the premiere of tennis star Serena William’s new HBO docuseries Being Serena in clunky white Chanel sneakers. Because, tennis.

Bella Hadid Being Serena
Yo Bella, you’re not Yeezy. Photo: Getty

Hadid, with sister Gigi on her arm, teamed a slightly oversized black Tom Ford pantsuit with a tucked-in ribbed top and the designer kicks.

This is a look glossy editors fell over themselves in 2014 to praise for being brave and futuristic and accessible all at the same time.

Unless you’re Kanye West, and even then it’s a fine line to be treading, sportswear teamed with formal wear makes you look like an AFL coach in dress slacks and a short-sleeved polo top on game day.

Speaking of sport, let’s talk Lindsay Vonn.

Lindsay Vonn Time 100
Lindsay Vonn mistook the Time 100 gala for a costume party. Photo: Getty

The lady knows her way down a really steep snowy mountain. No doubt. But she needed some direction at the Time 100 gala in New York on April 25 to honour the world’s most influential people.

Vonn, 33, borrowed Khaleesi’s hair and paired a Cynthia Rowley puffy sleeve crop top with a blue satin skirt. Or was it a sheet? The end result had notes of both faux goth and wannabe princess.

Also at the Time bash: director Greta Gerwig, 34, in a Gucci dress which looked killer when styled for a shoot by the Italian fashion house with slouchy pale boots and a rustic leather cross-body bag.

Greta Gerwig Time 100
Greta Gerwig can do no wrong … except in this badly-styled Gucci dress. Photo: Getty

But Gerwig, who had lady bird buttons on the dress as an homage to her Oscar-nominated film Lady Bird, was too ladylike with her accessories.

Velvet requires tough attitude or it droops into Nanna’s cushions territory.

While it’s rare to be disappointed by Chris Hemsworth, the actor pulled that off at the Avengers Infinity War premiere in Los Angeles on April 23.

Chris Hemsworth Avengers
John Boy Walton, is that you inside Chris Hemsworth’s body? Photo: Getty

Dinky little sunglasses plus a nondescript three-piece that looked a pale hybrid of Indiana Jones’ signature look and Johnny Depp in his Hunter S Thompson period equals Chris, You Can Do So Much Better.

If Hemsworth, 34, was understated to the point of giving up on life, his movie’s Sydney premiere had the opposite effect on Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley
What was she avenging? Kerri-Anne Kennerley in all her glory on April 24. Photo: Getty

Kennerley, 64, went for full showbiz glam in an inadvertently see-through top, bedazzled skirt, cage sandals and a giant Avengers gauntlet. That’s called playing to your strengths.

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