Entertainment Style Five instant fashion fixes to make you look fabulous this autumn

Five instant fashion fixes to make you look fabulous this autumn

quick fashion fixes this autumn
White denim is back in a big way. Photo: Getty
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As this endless summer continues to frazzle both hair and nerves, it has also created a frustrating sense of wardrobe ennui.

I was thrilled to purchase two floral dresses last August, but God knows I didn’t want to be still wearing them in late April. I tried to style one of them up last week with a denim jacket which looked very en pointe until unsightly visible perspiration ruined my whole look.

I currently have a pale-pink sweater wrapped in tissue in my top drawer.

I bought it in February when I was under the delusion that it might one day get cool enough to wear wool, and I look at it longingly every day now, hoping the temperature will drop before the moths get it.

It seems that a drastic wardrobe update, or even some strategic layering, is not in the cards for the moment, so here’s a few tips to feel at least a little fashionable. Instead of flustered.

  • Invest in a great pair of designer shoes

    I am talking coloured loafers, cool sneakers, new-season boots or a glamorous, decorative sandal or pump.

    X Natalia Vodianova Lada boots. Photo: Malone Souliers

    There is no reason to buy a whole new slew of clothes if a season is going to be so short, so a pair of shoes that you really love will update everything you already have. You will look on trend, without the outlay. Or the moths.

  • Change your glassesThere are so many chic spectacles on the market now, at very reasonable prices, so it is worth looking at an upgrade, or maybe having a small selection to choose from: cool frames for work, lightweight pairs for at home reading, small, chic versions that are evening-bag size for reading the menu.
    five fashion fixes to have your looking instantly fabulous
    Photo: Instagram/Specsavers

    Don’t just replace your usual frames, but experiment with new styles, colours and weights. You’ll be surprised at all the positive comments you’ll receive.

  • Get a really sharp haircutThis trend of having overlong Morticia Adams hair that is dyed and straightened to within an inch of its life is sooooo dull and, yes Kardashians, I blame you. Here’s a novel idea: short curly hair. A wavy bob. An Afro. A buzz cut. Anything but what Kim’s wearing. Radical, I know, but don’t judge me. So how about shiny, healthy hair close to its real colour and a expert technical haircut that enhances the natural waves?
  • Lash extensionsI am a makeup devotée and can’t last a week without buying a new product, but nothing gives you a better instant update than eyelash extensions.
    Photo: Instagram

    I’m too frightened at my age to get the semi-permanent version in case they pull out the ones I have left. But try having individual lashes put on by a professional for your next big event (you can book at most makeup counters). Gamechanger!

  • White denimWhite denim is back in a big way, and in the absence of any really frigid weather, it’s a great transitional wardrobe addition. Put a white denim jacket over blue denim, or a black sweater, white jeans with a chunky cardigan or tweed coat. Or maybe, just maybe, that pink sweater …

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