Entertainment Style Why indulging in expensive skincare is worth every penny

Why indulging in expensive skincare is worth every penny

Too much? Actress Phoebe Tonkin likes her skincare designer-branded. Photo: Instagram
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As a person who has always loved and used expensive skincare (a perk of the job when I was a Vogue beauty editor), I am firmly in the camp that thinks pricey creams are worth it.

I may be delusional, but then I cannot for the life of me see the value in a Ferrari, so it’s horses for courses, I guess.

In my early days as a beauty assistant, I would dutifully call the Australasian College of Dermatologists and ask them eager questions about all the whizz-bang ingredients that were being promoted by the beauty companies, hoping against hope they were going to say: “Yes, eureka! It sounds like a miracle cream, lines and wrinkles, gone!”

But depending on who picked up the phone on any given day, the answers ranged from: “Nah, that wouldn’t penetrate,” to “There is no reason to believe that would benefit skin,” to a long, tired sigh followed by, “Honestly, give it a rest! Just cleanse with sorbolene and use a standard moisturiser.”

We gave up calling after a while, but I clung to my Pollyanna belief that rich, expensive creams would be a buffer between me and the winds of time.

Retin A, Royal Jelly, seaweed, crystal-infused, caviar-laden – I bought into any buzzword or ingredient a marketer could throw at me.

Did the people who worked at the sake factories in Japan have super soft hands because of the miracle of Pitera? Hell yes! Was a small jar of Crème de La Mer worth spending more than $400 on because it could be used to treat cow udders? Absolutely, who wouldn’t?

I believed a Ponds Institute actually existed, a shiny positive futurist lab where people walked around in lab coats with glowing complexions.

A tiny part of me, the reasonably intelligent bit, said: “You know what, high-SPF sunblock and some Oil of Olay is probably the whole key to it.” But why spoil the fun?

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The whole process of using expensive creams is innately pleasurable, from the luxury packaging to the gorgeous textures and the exquisite smells.

I am 100 per cent certain I will achieve the same result from a jar of L’Oréal Plenitude as I will from La Prairie, but to a beauty addict, this is not a reality we want to embrace.

And there is much to be said for a quality facial. I was recently treated to the most exquisite anti-ageing facial by La Maison Sisley Paris, which is renowned for high-end skincare that is a mix of botanicals and science.

After the most soothing 90 minutes, complete with a heated bed and mood lighting, the therapist handed me a mirror and said the obligatory: “Look at your skin now.”

Given that I had the flu and had been braving the January sleet for the last 10 days, my expectations were low, but I was absolutely stunned to see the results – my skin was literally glowing, plumped and smooth.

I flew back to Sydney the next day and, of course, by the time I disembarked, I looked like a wildebeest. But for one night in Paris, thanks to the magic of Sisley, my skin was perfect. And now I’m hooked.

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