Entertainment Style Why today’s young women are all starting to look like Kylie Jenner clones

Why today’s young women are all starting to look like Kylie Jenner clones

kylie jenner
This face might look familiar, probably because you've seen it fairly regularly as of late. Photo: Getty
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I first noticed her at the nail salon.

I was in the midst of the tedious process of getting a set of false fingernail nails put on when I noticed the girl sitting beside me, having her talons filed.

She had long, thick, jet-black hair, which may or may not have been full of extensions and straightened to within an inch of its life, and a full face of tawny makeup, artfully contoured and blended.

She was wearing what looked to be two sets of false eyelashes, and her dark, exaggerated eyebrows were stencilled to precision.

Her gleaming, bronzed complexion was finished with giant, collagen-blown lips, her top lip protruding noticeably, leaving the impression of a bored, glossy, pampered duck.

Her nails were tapping loudly on the plastic table, as she scrolled through her iPhone, liking a succession of Instagram posts.

Crop top, giant bosoms, track pants, and tiny waist. It was like sitting next to a seductive robot she was so perfect, shiny and expressionless.

hello 🖤

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I was in the salon a fortnight later and I saw her again.

But on second glance, it was a different girl, almost identical to the previous one that had captured my attention the week before.

Then another one walked in, tossed her Chanel bag on a chair and sat down to my left. The penny dropped. It’s a thing.

All the young women want to look like Kylie Jenner, the youngest and most drastically altered Kardashian.

At least I think they’re young women, its hard to tell with all the fillers and Botox and make-up. Kylie is 20 years old but is so painted and pumped she looks 45 and up to her third husband.

The Fembot look is taking over and you can find them a nail salon near you.

The trout pout is such a weird phenomenon. Nothing about surgically plumped-up lips makes you look younger. On the contrary, collagen and Botox on a young person can actually be quite ageing, producing a bland, artificial result that makes everyone look like they have same genetic aberration.

I’m not sure it even looks sexy; it looks more petulant and desperate than come hither.

Those Kardashian sister are so influential, it is mind-boggling. Where I see just see a family of young women who are ruining their natural good looks with peroxide, and collagen injections and butt implants, a whole generation of girls seemingly want to emulate the family’s blow-up doll look and are signing up for surgery before their 18th birthdays.

This high-maintenance path to hyper sexualization is baffling, because despite all the overlong hair, and the fake nails and the puffy lips, these girls/women actually end up looking like an odd CGI imitation of a sexpot, computer-generated Lara Crofts that have had all traces of natural beauty and personal quirkiness erased with a syringe.

Just give them an Instagram account and some effective filters and it seems perfection can be created. At the mall.

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