Entertainment Style Kirstie Clements’ picks for the best dressed people of 2017

Kirstie Clements’ picks for the best dressed people of 2017

melania trump
Mrs Trump is expected to spend the rest of the week in hospital as she recovers. Photo: Getty
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This year seems to be going out with a bang in the style stakes with the beautiful new engagement photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

She is totally gorgeous, but Harry more than held up his end, looking like a complete hunk in his perfectly fitted suit and excellent beard.

Meghan and Harry are ones to watch in 2013. Photo: Alexi Lubomirski

Meghan’s polished Hollywood style is a game changer and she’ll be the one to watch next year, bringing a very contemporary jeans-and-white-shirts vibe to the royal family.

Definitive best dressed lists are difficult to compile, because most of the time you are basing your verdict on red carpet looks, and to my mind, if you can’t get it right after all the stylists and hair-and-makeup people have worked their magic, then I have no intention of using you as a style barometer.

However, there are a few stellar red carpet stars that aced it all year – Nicole Kidman, especially in that fabulous green Gucci Parrot dress at the Sag Awards, Alicia Vikander (in grey velvet) Emma Stone (in yellow), Ruth Negga (in anything) Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot smashed it out of the park in a stunning red satin gown, and Marion Cotillard’s French chic always looks perfect.

gal gadot
Put Israeli actress Gal Gadot in red and you have magic. Photo: Getty
Marion Cotillard nails the French chic brief. Photo: Getty
Nicole Kidman's green Gucci dress at the SAG Awards. Photo: Getty
Emma Stone's colouring is perfectly suited to bright yellow. Photo: Getty
Alicia Vikander in a grey velvet Valentino gown at Cannes Film Festival. Photo: Getty
Ruth Negga's offbeat style was a constant hit. Photo: Getty

But taking French chic to a whole new level this year was Isabelle Huppert, wearing high-waisted 70s-style blue jeans and a tuxedo shirt on the red carpet in Cannes like a boss.

isabelle huppert
French actress Isabelle Huppert looked great in Cannes – and she knew it. Photo: Getty

Australia’s darling Margot Robbie is also doing an excellent job of looking the part – her chain mail dress at the I, Tonya premiere was a masterpiece.

margot robbie
Margot Robbie in gold chain mail from Versace. Photo: Getty

Model Bella Hadid followed up her astonishing “how does that stay in place?” red satin dress moment in 2016 in Cannes with another jaw dropping whisp of pale pink satin.

bella hadid
Bella Hadid in a barely-there Alexandre Vauthier dress. Photo: Getty

I always like seeing Amal Clooney and her snazzy workwear, a great style setter with her fabulous mix of brains, beauty, human rights advocacy and marvellous hair.

amal clooney
Amal Clooney’s workwear is elegant yet practical. Photo: Getty

The fashion world was abuzz about singer Celine Dion’s bold new fashion choices during couture week in Paris, courtesy of a new stylist aka “image architect” Law Roach, who was clearly making a name for himself. But to me it all looked a bit forced.

celine dion
Celine Dion shows off her very modern makeover. Photo: Getty

But it was hard to concentrate on fashion this year, given the crazy goings on in the White House. I’m going to hand the style baton to everyone’s favourite Michael Jackson impersonator, Melania Trump.

She has very, very good style, and apart from a slight misstep when she wore Louboutin heels on her way to a flood zone, I marvel at how she continues to look calm, cool and collected while Rome burns.

melania trump
Melania Trump’s very literal style (from left): in the White House garden, at the Vatican, in Saudi Arabia and in China. Photo: Getty

I love how literal every fashion reference is, the plaid shirt in the vegetable patch, the zip jacket in a disaster zone, the cheong sam in China, the lace mantilla in the Vatican, the nonchalant coat over her shoulders on the White House lawn, the gold belt in Saudi Arabia, the baseball cap that says FLOTUS, in case Donald forgets who she is.

I can’t wait to see the prison visits outfit.

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