Entertainment Style Why Justin Trudeau is the best-dressed world leader

Why Justin Trudeau is the best-dressed world leader

justin trudeau
It's not just Justin Trudeau's clothes that make him stylish. It's a certain je ne sais quoi. Photo: Getty
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The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau set the Internet ablaze this week by dressing up as Clark Kent for Halloween.

If that sounds reasonably innocuous, there is slightly more to it. He was filmed heading busily down the stairs on his way to Question Time in a very, very fitted suit, sexily unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his Superman costume underneath while speaking French and just being generally hot.

Putting his politics aside, Trudeau is now rated number one in the most stylish male leader stakes, for a number of reasons.

justin trudeau wife
Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie don their Sunday best to greet Prince William and Princess Kate. Photo: Getty

Apart from being young and handsome, his ability to effortlessly swap between perfect French and English in the same sentence sets a very high bar, especially delicious when he does it for the cameras sitting next to a befuddled Donald Trump.

Trudeau’s dress sense is impeccable – his suits are tailored to a T, his trousers cut so slim-line you wonder how he manages to sit.

I am not the first woman to have noticed this fact by the way; earlier this year there was a couple of internet days devoted to admiring Justin Trudeau’s physique, from a variety of angles.

He favours a fitted white or pale blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a sort of hunky casual style also loved by President Obama, although Trudeau has the rippling muscles underneath thing going on as well.

As much as I adore Obama (his tan suit photos, oh be still my heart) he does get it wrong with his jeans, which are always a bit daggy dad, and pulled up too high.

justin trudeau
Trudeau favours fitted shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Photo: Getty

Trudeau has the jeans look nailed, nicely fitted, perfectly faded in all the right places. There is one image of him in jeans and a grey Global Citizen t-shirt that gets pulses racing, the nonchalant “I still have my boyish good looks and hot body but I’m also vitally interested in social justice” stance that works wonders on middle-aged women.

Trudeau is a fan of fun socks, a styling trick that I’ve never really liked, but they work on him, mostly because of the elegant cut of his suits.

trudeau ivanka
It takes a lot to captivate Ivanka Trump. Justin Trudeau did it with ease. Photo: Getty

His trousers are the perfect length, his tuxedos are schmick, and his collars fit beautifully.

He really does manage to pull off all the style classics with aplomb – brown shoes with a blue suit, the IWC Regulateur watch, cool and sporty, white jeans with a crumpled blue linen shirt.

But Trudeau’s most stylish gesture of all may have been his handling of Donald Trump’s weird Alpha Male handshake, where Trump tends to jerk the person closer to him for an odd, semi-aggressive hand pat.

In his first White House visit, Trudeau reached out his hand and then niftily extended his other arm to Trump’s shoulder in an effort to balance himself and cut the handshake short, a masterful manoeuvre noted by the press worldwide.

Trudeau’s boyish charm even managed to rattle the normally unflappable Ivanka, who seemed especially animated in his presence.

Dad must have been jealous.

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