Entertainment Style ‘I’m sorry Kim Kardashian, but pants are not optional’

‘I’m sorry Kim Kardashian, but pants are not optional’

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner.
Oh, Kim. Put some pants on, please! At least Kendall covered up. Photo: Getty
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A photograph appeared on one of my news feeds this week: a shot of the ubiquitous Kim Kardashian leaving a posh hotel wearing a leather jacket, one of those bandeau bra tops she loves, high heels and no pants.

Well, she was wearing a pair of what the Daily Mail generously described as “ sheer leggings” which were in reality footless tights, transparent enough to reveal her G-string and her navel, and god knows what from behind.

It’s how we normal women look in our bedroom, before we put on our skirts.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the hotel has a dress code, something modern like: “Customers are expected to wear something over their underwear in the dining and bar area”.

How would it work if she wanted to gain entry into the Qantas Club? “You can’t wear thongs Madam, but no pants is fine.”

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner
Kim Kardashian (R), pictured with sister Kendall Jenner, wearing so-called “sheer” tights in lieu of pants. Photo: Getty

Kim is not a fashion icon, she’s more an attention seeker than anything else, but it’s an odd message to send out to her legions of young fans, the idea that wearing something on your bottom half is optional.

The fashion shows have just wrapped up in New York, and amongst all the craziness and publicity stunts and over-the-top street style wannabes, there were actually some really beautiful, functional clothes on the runways.

You sometimes have to look beyond all the quirky styling to isolate the key pieces.

At the end of the day, fashion needs to provoke, to be sure, but it also needs to provide something to wear to work.

Tom Ford listened to his customers who, presumably tired of dressing like they were off to Studio 54, were asking for man-style suits, and he delivered, with fabulous blazers in hot pink silk satin, and sleekly tailored double breasted trouser suits in white, black and denim.

While at first glance the Marc Jacobs show resembled Notting Hill Carnival, a drill-down revealed some very practical work choices – fabulous high-necked pantsuits in putty and ochre, a white pea coat, little capes in plaid and watermelon.

Michael Kors staged one of the prettiest shows, pastel pink and blue summer dresses given a professional edge by the addition of loose, slightly oversized blazers.

Jackets are still an important part of the working woman’s wardrobe, and there is a definite return to relaxed pantsuits, which are such a great go-to for work. But I’m still surprised at how many women think the only option for a pantsuit, or skirt suit, is black. Even on a sunny spring day in Perth.

We have a summer climate that is begging for colour. Think about buying a suit in a pastel colour, such as pink, blue or vanilla.

You can break the pieces up, wearing the trousers with a matching shirt (the monochrome look is very in, seen in the Victoria Beckham NY show).

Throw the jacket over a pretty, floral mid length dress and you have the perfect outfit to go from day to dinner.

Kim K, take note!

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