Entertainment Style The top fashion trends for spring: stripes, florals, gingham and bare shoulders

The top fashion trends for spring: stripes, florals, gingham and bare shoulders

Spring fashion trends
The pale blue and white stripe shirting trend from last Summer is still popular this Spring. Photo: Getty
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A quick trip to central-city shops last week to check out the new Spring fashions appearing in store resulted in one take-away – the trends are very, very obvious.

And in some cases, a little challenging.

These are the fashion updates that spell Spring/Summer 2017 – handle with care.


There is a definite continuation from last summer, the pretty, pale-blue and white-stripe shirting trend that also translates into dresses and asymmetrical tops. The stripes this time around are getting bigger and bolder, often seen in multi colours and in differing widths. Be wary of too many stripes worn at once, and treat horizontal stripes with caution, otherwise one thing that will definitely look big is you.

Off the shoulder

I don’t know how I feel about this trend. I like a good gypsy blouse as much as the next tarot reader, but it’s not a look that suits everyone. It can make you look a bit blowsy, so I recommend keeping the bottom half of your silhouette more form-fitting, such as a straight skirt, or jeans. There is also a rather mystifying style seen in T-shirts and dresses, which is long, full sleeves, but with cut-out portions that expose the shoulders. I know how I feel about these. Yuck.

Photo: Instagram


Okay. Gingham. In all colours. I see Brigitte Bardot’s wedding dress in pink and white; I see navy and white gingham shirts tied at the front with cut-off denim pedal pushers. I see 1950’s. I see young people. Maybe I see gingham as one piece, say a cute black and white city coat worn over a dress, or a pair of slim pants. I don’t see it in ruffles, or flounces or too much all at once. But I still see young people.

Spring fashion trends
Photo: Instagram

Wide Pants

Ah, yes, it’s that time of year when fashion says brightly: “Crop tops! Wear your shirt as a dress! Frayed jeans!”, and all of us over 40 roll our eyes and reach for the silk pull-on pants. A wide-cropped, tailored pant is the current shape du jour, and if you are not taller than 5’4 (162 centimetres), then roll your eyes and reach for the silk pull-on pants.

Spring fashion trends
Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images


We are being assaulted with florals, and it’s a very pretty trend, but again it requires careful navigation. The wrong floral can be quite ageing (floral swimsuits in particular). If you have never really worn florals and want to experiment, choose a smaller print, with a darker background such as black, navy or deep-green. A floral silk pant is another good option, which can be worn with a plain top or T-shirt. Florals also look lovely mixed back with stripes, and the addition of denim – such as a jacket or jeans – can keep them floral from looking too frou-frou.


Bright monochromes are a signature of the season, and at the risk of sounding like a 1980’s colour consultant, do make sure you buy a shade that compliments you, rather than opting for what’s “in”. Mustard, rust, wine and dark green are gorgeous in Europe, but can look awful in the Aussie sunlight. Not every trend translates globally. Buy what you really love.

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