Entertainment Style Miu Miu dress with yellow star withdrawn after Holocaust comparisons

Miu Miu dress with yellow star withdrawn after Holocaust comparisons

Jewish people were forced to wear the Star of David during the Holocaust
Jewish people were forced to wear the Star of David during the Holocaust Photo: Getty
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Italian high fashion label Miu Miu has withdrawn a dress from sale which featured a yellow star on its chest resembling those assigned to Jews during the Holocaust.

The plaid dress, spotted in the display window of Canadian department store Holt Renfrew, had a five-pointed star with the name “John” embroidered on its chest. The Star of David, which Jewish people were forced to wear during the Holocaust, had six points.

Holt Renfrew removed the dress from its stores this week after the US-based blogger known as Jewish Chick slammed the offensive collection to her 26,000 Facebook followers.

Miu Miu then pulled the dress from stock, a spokesperson told Jewish Chick and advocacy group World Jewish Congress.

A skirt and denim jacket with the yellow star was also pulled from sale.

Miu Miu has pulled the dress from sale
Miu Miu has pulled the dress from sale after concerns were raised over resemblance to the Star of David. Photo: Jewish Chick

It’s not known exactly what the fashion house was charging for the dress, however a jacket from the same collection — with the name “Jack” embroidered in the centre of a purple star — can still be found online for $2307. A blue chambray shirt with the same motif also remains online for $969.

Jewish Chick said a Miu Miu spokesperson contacted her to apologise.

“It was not Miu Miu’s intent in any way to make any political or religious statement, and we apologise for any offence that may have been taken,” the email said, according to Jewish Chick.

“Kindly note that effective immediately these items will be removed from the collection.”

Jewish Chick noted the move, but said Miu Miu “should have never allowed the design to be produced in the first place”.

“I was shocked and saddened that a brand such as Miu Miu would bring such a design to production and a store such as Holt would then turnaround and sell it without question,” she told The New Daily.

She said this was an “indirect spit in the face to the six million Jews that were massacred by the Nazis, as well as those that survived the horrific ordeals of World War II.”

Shoppers had criticised Holt Renfrew and Miu Miu for stocking the dress.

“Shame on you!” one wrote on the Holt Renfrew Facebook. “Using the yellow star and as a clothing accessory? I see that murder is a fashion according to you?

“This disgusting thing is the mark of one of the darkest period of times in human history, and you present it as if it is something to be proud of.”

World Jewish Congress thanked Miu Miu, and its parent company Prada, for the swift response to criticism.

“The WJC had contacted Prada, the owner of Miu Miu, on Monday evening to express its discomfort over the items and demand their removal. The company responded with swift attention and said that the items had been removed effective immediately,” the group said.

Robert Singer, World Jewish Congress CEO and Executive Vice President, said it was critical to continue showing sensitivity to victims of the Holocaust.

“At this critical time, when anti-Semitism and bigotry are rearing their heads in the public sphere, we must continue to exercise caution and show sensitivity in every sphere and sector,” he said in a statement.

The New Daily has contacted Miu Miu and Holt Renfrew for comment.

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