Entertainment Style Melbourne may be the most liveable city, but Sydney is the most glamorous

Melbourne may be the most liveable city, but Sydney is the most glamorous

jennifer hawkins
Jennifer Hawkins in a 'peak Sydney' setting. Photo: Getty
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Myer hosted its Spring/Summer fashion launch this week at a spectacular private home perched high on a cliff in Sydney’s South Coogee, with expansive, jaw-dropping ocean views.

The sea and the cloudless sky were Brett Whiteley blue, one of those sharp, dazzling days the city puts on so well, and the event was peak Sydney.

A merchant banker owned the house. Everybody was good looking. Not just a little bit. More like, in the immortal words of Derek Zoolander, “Really, really ridiculously good looking”.

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It started with the handsome waiters flanking the entrance with shiny silver trays of black Cosmopolitans. I feel sure they were chosen for their dreamy olive skin tones, which stated quietly and emphatically, “Summer is coming and you look a bit pasty”.

I haven’t been to a fashion show for a while, and I forgot the audience has changed. Where there were once cranky journalists of various ages and body types trying to find a pen at the bottom of their bag, now it is full of perfect pore-less young social media influencers, just as beautiful as the models.

Everyone was highly moisturised, lithe and flawless. After some preening on the red carpet for the professional photographers, the influencers were free to pose for strategically placed selfies against the dramatic backdrop of blue-tiled horizon pool, expertly whipping through a variety of professional poses that would give Linda Evangelista a run for her money.

Bachelor lovebirds Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards epitomise the glossy, groomed attendees at today’s fashion shows. Photo: Getty

The main room was lined with a towering floor-to-ceiling mirror, a bonus for those who wished to get a selfie of themselves taking a selfie – social media heaven or, as I consider it, a macabre and nightmarish vision of hell.

Melbourne may have once more won the award for most liveable city, but you can’t beat Sydney on a bright sunny day for most glamorous.

Myer ambassador and ex-Miss Universe Jen Hawkins is the poster girl for this, with her gleaming skin, bright smile and sun-kissed hair.

You could just imagine her wafting through this seaside mansion in a bikini and heels, scanning the real estate ads and asking her husband Jake if he would like another power smoothie.

From left: Sydneysiders Jennifer Hawkins, Rachael Finch and Natalie Roser may not be as fashion-forward as Melbournians, but they now how to rock a tan and a crop top. Photo: Getty

Sydney girls do summer really well – long floaty dresses worn with flats, crisp shirts, cropped pants with heels. Black looks somehow different. In Melbourne, black clothes look European and arty, in bright light Sydney they have a more stark, linear look, juxtaposed against deep blue sky.

By the time the models began to stream through the room, I’d already had my dose of glamour checking out the guests, so I was now scanning the horizon for migrating whales.

It used to be that the moment models appeared their beauty took your breath away, but now you can basically interchange them with the audience.

It’s a sea of shiny, gorgeous people, and the odd journo who is wondering whether there is really any point of evaluating the fashion on the runway. I did anyway. There were some very lovely things.

But I forgot to take a photo so maybe it didn’t happen.

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