Entertainment Style The five things you need in your winter wardrobe

The five things you need in your winter wardrobe

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Give your cold weather look an instant update with these easy additions. Photo: Getty
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The air is certainly starting to get chillier, which means it might be time for a quick wardrobe update.

There’s so much to choose out there it can be confusing, so zero in on the following to give everything a new spin.


1. The long-line coat

The predominant coat shape this season is simple, unstructured, long (almost ankle-length) and lean. Wear it over a dress with ankle boots, or over pants with loafers or sneakers. Don’t confine your choices to black – it’s even better in pale grey, heaven in pink, dynamite in red.

2. The ankle boot

The most popular boot shape is somewhat nondescript – a slightly rounded toe, a low-ish block heel. The beauty of this means it goes with everything from jeans to skirts.

A long, sleek coat will be a staple this season. Photo: Getty

3. A statement jacket

This will update everything you have and there are some fun options around, from military style jackets to leopard print blazers. The bomber jacket trend is huge, inspired by Gucci but available at every price point.

4. Ruffles

This trend is here to stay, so don’t be afraid to invest in a long, ruffled floral dress, tops or shirts with ruffled sleeves, or mid-calf wrap skirts with kicks at the hem.

5. Earrings

After seasons of tiny, minimal metal jewellery (yawn), earrings have gone big and bold, with a touch of ’60s glamour. Look for long beaded tassels in jewel colours, or dangling silk bauble earrings in green or gold.

Ruffles are no longer the domain of the super girl. Photo: Getty


1. The double-breasted suit

The double-breasted suit is making a welcome comeback, but this is not the big, boxy, dodgy-politician suit but a more snappy Thom Browne-inspired version with a jacket that buttons snuggly and sits just on the hips.

2. The bomber jacket

This bomber jacket trend is universal (you’ll even find it in kids’ wear). Stylish in leather with racing stripes on the sleeves, or in silk or cotton blends, they are also very forgiving around the waistline, so take time to find the right size (they shouldn’t sit too low, but just above the hips).

A bomber jacket is easy to wear and flattering on the waistline. Photo: Getty

3. Colour

Menswear has evolved at an extraordinary pace, which means the classics are being reinterpreted in fantastic colours and fabrics. Pink, from pale to fuchsia is leading the charge (any Miami Vice fans out there should be thrilled a pink suit is once again, the bomb). Look for high-necked shirts and ‘blouses’ in satin, silk and floral cottons.

4. Hoodies

For those readers now chortling with laughter about the man blouse, let me also add that hoodies are a thing. European label Vetements has brought the drug-dealer look into vogue, so an oversized hoodie is now considered high fashion

5. Two-toned shoes

Lose the cheap black shoes gentlemen – coloured soles are a popular trend seen in brogues, loafers and lace ups, and will instantly elevate a workday suit.

A bit of colour in the cold weather goes a long way. Photo: Getty

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