Entertainment Style The agony and ecstasy of cheeky lingerie

The agony and ecstasy of cheeky lingerie

Kirstie Clements says comfort trumps trendiness when it comes to undergarments. Photo: Getty
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I have always found beautiful lingerie and loungewear to be some of life’s great pleasures.

Even as a little girl, choosing my new nighties and dressing gowns with Mum was thrilling, and I embraced every undie trend like a fiend (oh how I loved those pink and blue floral patterned bikini briefs in the 70’s).

As I grew older, I became obsessed with thirties style lingerie, silk slips and antique kimonos and satin cami-knickers worn with eyeliner, like Sally Bowles in Cabaret.

I combed vintage stores for 30s and 40s thick peach satin lingerie with coffee lace trim and fringed, embroidered silk shawls to drape over the bed.

I’m also a big fan of the high-waisted black satin pants and solid bra combination, especially with fishnets and I always love a good black Dolce & Gabbana corset and stockings.

I don’t understand g-strings. Maybe it’s a fashion editor thing.

In my experience, fashion stylists prefer their lingerie to be more subtle than straight up sexy or raunchy: a simple black sheer bra, perfect Eres boy-leg knickers. A Victoria’s Secret red lace thong bodysuit is not really a consideration in their world.

There are trends in lingerie, too, of course.

The lace bralette has been a thing for while, a bralette essentially consisting of two pieces of triangle lace attached to a satin band, very pretty and sexy and meant to be seen under your clothes.

Anyone more than a B-cup understands that bralettes are probably more useful as a hankies. Then there is the new style of undies, the Cheekini .

'Cheeky' undies look great if you're a supermodel. Maybe not for the rest of us. Photo: Victoria's Secret
‘Cheeky’ undies look great if you’re a supermodel. Maybe not for the rest of us. Photo: Victoria’s Secret

There is also the cheeky or the cheekster. I spent a good deal of time researching this style to find the difference between the three, but what it appears to be is basically a pair of bikini pants in either plain lycra or delicate lace, designed to ride straight up your bum.

It looks marvellous in a photo, when you have a perfect bottom, but surely you’d be walking around all day trying to resist the temptation to pry them out of your nether regions.

There is also another saucy and inexplicable style called the peek-a-boo cheekini, so let’s just leave it there.

The big trend now is for straps, on bras and knickers. Extraneous, useless straps. Everywhere, snaking around the waist, the back, the neck, and the bottom.

The first styles appeared with the addition of one strap, maybe two, but some are now getting so elaborate they look like Escher drawings.

I marvel at the patience some women must have putting all those straps into place.

I turn into a Tasmanian devil if my bra gets twisted in the wash. It all looks perfectly enticing on a a supermodel, but I cant help but have visions of rolled turkey roast.

Brands like Lovely lingerie have some beautiful versions of this look, but when you start to move into fantasy lingerie, like black leather tassels to hang off a g-string, you’ve lost me.

I’d probably be more excited about the return of the chenille dressing gown.

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