Entertainment Style Sheer crazy: Why the see-through dress trend needs to go

Sheer crazy: Why the see-through dress trend needs to go

Model Bella Hadid has worn sheer dresses on and off the runway. Photo: Getty
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When designer Maria Grazia Chiuri sent out her first collection for Dior back in September, the inclusion of some t-shirts printed with the slogan “We should all be feminists” was lauded by the press as a radical new ideology taking over fashion. Puhleease.

Interestingly, the t-shirts were put with very sheer skirts and visible undies that, while pretty on the runway, are a challenge to your average non-supermodel going about her daily business.

How Dior presented the sheer trend on the runway. Photo: Getty
How Dior presented the sheer trend on the runway. Photo: Getty

The sheer trend is being notably represented by the Kardashian, Jenner and Hadid crew: Kim and Khloe especially love going braless in tight, see-through singlets, while Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin love a sheer top, sometimes with awful nipple covers or pasties underneath, which is baffling to me.

Either show them or don’t in my opinion.

Recently, Bella Hadid had the tabloids breathless with excitement when she wore a completely sheer Dior dress at a recent event which clearly displayed her nipples.

Thank you @Dior for always making me feel like a princess 👸🏻🖤 #MariaGraziaChiuri

A photo posted by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

Too risqué? Or is this a indeed a feminist statement, the idea that freeing the nipple (or the bottom or whatever) is about personal freedom, a rejection of societal norms and a refusal to be ashamed of your body?

In theory, yes, it challenges convention and declares that you will make the decisions about how you project your sexuality.

A completely sheer top like Bella’s is fine at an exclusive party, where you are surrounded by like-minded fashion people and some killer security guards.

But if we take a small reality check, it’s difficult to pull off in your everyday life. The odds are you are going to be ogled, if you take it to the streets, the pub or into your workplace.

Yes, yes, society should be evolved enough to allow you to do your thing and everyone just focus their eyes somewhere else, but it currently doesn’t work like that.

Of course I do not subscribe to the idea that if a woman dresses provocatively she is willingly inciting sexual assault.

But if you choose to wear a completely sheer top you must be aware that you are going to be looked at.

My Tinggggg

A photo posted by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

Kim Kardashian wears those skintight singlet tops knowing full well she is going to be photographed, she is seeking the attention. That’s her job.

But we need to be reminded that she is surrounded by body guards (clearly not enough in the case of the Paris robbery) and any lingering weirdos are kept at a safe distance.

On the way to Balmain

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In my opinion, the sheer trend is perhaps even more beautiful when there is something left to the imagination, such as a black lace bra under a sheer shirt, or boy leg pants under a gossamer skirt.

I also love the very French, Yves Saint Laurent-inspired look of a totally sheer black blouse under a tuxedo jacket.

Bella’s sheer Dior dress was certainly lovely, but I much preferred the breathtaking red satin dress she wore at the Cannes Film Festival. It was beautifully cut, revealing lots of skin, but covering where it needed to oh so elegantly.

Bella Hadid in red satin at Cannes Film Festival. Photo: Getty
Bella Hadid in red satin at Cannes Film Festival. Photo: Getty

When it comes to the sexiest dress in history, that award has to go to the nude coloured, beaded Jean Louis dress that Marilyn Monroe was reportedly sewn into before she took to the stage and sang Happy Birthday to President John F Kennedy.

It was a glorious gown that clung to her every curve, insanely sexy and revealing without actually being sheer. It was almost (arguably) subtle, allowing Monroe to add the rest. And didn’t she ever.

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