Entertainment Style The ridiculous reason this hoodie costs $1600

The ridiculous reason this hoodie costs $1600

vetements hoodie
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When someone says the word “hoodie” it usually conjures up images of off-duty basketball players, Netflix sessions on the couch and comfy Kmart trackpants.

The humble hoodie is typically affordable, unflattering and not exactly a fashion statement.

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So it might surprise you that one of the most popular versions in the world right now costs anywhere from $800 to $2000.

French label Vetements has produced a range of hoodies and trackpants, most of which have sold out almost immediately.

This version, with overlong sleeves, a logo on the chest that reads “hoodie” and the definition of the word “hoodie” written down the back, will set you back a whopping $1680.65.

Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni wears the $1680 version. Photo: Getty
Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni wears the $1680 version. Photo: Getty

If you’re looking for the matching trackies to complete the look, they’ll cost you around $700.

That’s one damn expensive tracksuit. If you’re wondering whether it’s made of solid gold, it’s not. It’s described as “cotton-blend”, so it’s not even 100 per cent cotton for crying out loud.

So why so much money for some oversized loungewear? You can blame Kanye West for that one. Him, and the ridiculously obsessive nature of the fashion industry.

Kanye West wears a Vetements hoodie with singer Lorde in March 2015. Photo: Getty
Kanye West wears a Vetements hoodie with singer Lorde in March 2015. Photo: Getty

West was one of the first celebrities spotted wearing the hoodie way back in 2015 and he triggered a trend that saw several other big names step out wearing Vetements duds.

Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Selena Gomez are all fans of the French brand and, thanks to their massive social media followings, they’ve helped the hoodies reach cult status.

Kylie Jenner has a couple of Vetements hoodies in her possession. Photo: Instagram
Kylie Jenner has a couple of Vetements hoodies in her wardrobe. Photo: Instagram

Celebrities – they’re not just like us.

Jewellery for your thigh gap?

This week, in ridiculous trends, we bring you: jewellery for that space in between your legs.

In what was (thankfully) later discovered to be a publicity stunt to raise awareness, a new company announced it would be launching jewellery specifically designed to accentuate the thigh gap.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a thigh gap, it’s the latest covetable body feature and it the term refers to the gap slender people have between the top of their thighs.

Photo: TGap Jewellery
That can’t be comfortable. Photo: TGap Jewellery

TGap Jewellery made headlines around the world this week for its unique approach to body jewellery, but some digging on its website reveals a page explaining the real motivation behind the faux company.

TGap Jewellery is a fictional company that sells jewelleries designed for thigh gaps,” the page explains.

“It is launched to catalyze a debate on unrealistic body image social media portrays.”

TGap aims to highlight the ridiculousness of the trend, which is yet another way society places body image pressure on itself.

To be honest, we’re just glad the designs aren’t actually on sale. We have a feeling some people might actually buy them (refer to the “hoodie” section above).

Photo: TGap Jewellery
This one’s a real doozy. Photo: TGap Jewellery

AFL hair crisis

The AFL has traditionally featured a number of major hair statements, from dreadlocks to man buns to whatever the hell was on Michael Hurley’s head.

One of the most recognisable coifs in the game at the moment is that of Western Bulldogs player Jason Johannisen, who typically sports a bleached afro,

However, during his team’s Sunday match against Fremantle, many were surprised to see Johannisen without his signature ‘do.

According to a report on Fox Sports News, Johannisen’s new look wasn’t intentional but rather the result of a bad dye job.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 4.55.36 pm

Fellow teammate Jake Stringer told the news outlet Johannisen had bleached his hair to an undesirable shade of grey.

“He took the hat off and it was a bit silver,” Stringer said.

Thus, Johannisen was forced to shave the whole thing off and start afresh.

“The front looked all right but I’m glad he shaved it because you wouldn’t have liked it on the TV screen,” Stringer said.


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