Entertainment Style The 10 best dressed celebrities of 2015

The 10 best dressed celebrities of 2015

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It’s been an interesting year for fashion.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan dominated fashion magazines in their skin-tight dresses and sky-high heels, sneakers and Birkenstocks replaced stilettos and sandals, and flashing plenty of skin became the order of the day, every day.

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While many blindly followed the trends set by Gigi Hadid and her model ilk, a few celebrities fought against the crowd to set their own style standards.

With retro throwback touches, daring silhouettes, crazy prints and seriously bright colours, this group of fashion mavericks showed the world what it really means to be stylish in 2015.

Lea Seydoux

We always knew French people were stylish, but Lea Seydoux has somehow managed to up the ante of her home nation’s sartorial reputation even further. The Bond girl sticks to classic cuts and styles but makes a statement with her choice of prints or accessories. Parfait.


Solange Knowles

Beyonce’s cooler younger sister had a bright year in 2015. From the front row at fashion shows to lounging around her bohemian home in New Orleans, she stayed chic in colour-blocked outfits and unusual silhouettes. Her gorgeous natural hair topped it all off perfectly.


Daniel Craig

No one does menswear better than Bond. Craig’s press tour for this year’s Spectre was extensive, bringing with it outfit after impeccable outfit. Perfectly-cut suits, cashmere sweaters, gleaming brogues and luxurious coats kept things interesting.


Harry Styles

In amongst the carbon copy members of British boy band One Direction is Harry Styles – a teen dream very clearly marching to the beat of his own drum. Styles takes the rebellious rocker look to a new level by committing to full 1970s throwback touches like flares, neck scarves, man jewellery and floral prints. Not everyone’s cup of tea, sure, but at least it’s different.


Cate Blanchett

Ever-elegant, Blanchett isn’t afraid to risk her position on best-dressed lists by taking risks, and that’s what makes her truly stylish. From chic boiler suits to faux corsets and elaborate embellishment, she never looks the same and we love it.


Mark Ronson

This DJ looks exactly as his music sounds: a little bit modern, a little bit retro and a whole lot of fun. Uptown Funk you up.


Queen Letizia of Spain

You’ve got to love a royal who knows how to rock a leather dress. Queen Letizia is clearly a fashion lover, but manages to walk the delicate line between on-trend and inappropriate. Her power skirt-suits and pointed pumps suggest a fierce sense of style but remain suitable for her many formal commitments.


Joel Edgerton

Unlike many of his contrived Hollywood contemporaries, Edgerton exudes a genuine devil-may-care attitude with his style choices. The Australian actor always looks comfortable, with an artistic edge.


Alicia Vikander

True to her roots, this Swedish actress is the picture of Scandinavian minimalism. With a rotating wardrobe of boyish basics injected with bright colours, floral prints and unusual textures, she always looks fresh, modern and chic.



Exquisite, demure, daring and sexy all at once, there is no one quite like Rihanna. There’s no predicting how she will dress from one day to the next, but this year saw plenty of pastels, lots of voluminous silhouettes and serious statement hair. Bring on 2016.



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