Entertainment Style The ‘thighbrow’ is the new body part to covet

The ‘thighbrow’ is the new body part to covet

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It’s official – we’ve hit peak body obsession.

After the thigh-gap and the side-bum, here comes the thighbrow.

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While it may sound like a type of undesirable body hair, it’s actually the latest idealised feature on a woman’s body.

The thighbrow refers to the crease that appears where the leg and hipbone meet when one sits, kneels or squats.

It has been popularised by Instagram celebrities like the Kardashian sisters and Beyonce, who are fond of posting swimsuit snaps showing off their own perfectly defined thighbrows.

Here are Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner serving up double thighbrow:

khloe kendall thighbrow

And here is Beyonce giving us her version of thighbrow which, like everything she does, will probably be regarded as the ultimate thighbrow.beyonce

Anyway. We’ll end it there before we lose all our faith in humanity.

The red beard and the royal fringe

And this week in #royalhair, two MAJOR developments.

Firstly, Prince Harry has somehow become even more attractive by adding a beard to his face.

Prince Harry Attends The Battle Of Britain Flypast

Christened the ginger beard (by us here at the New Daily – official source of royal hair information) it has received an overwhelmingly positive result that looks something like this:

But that’s not all! No – there is movement on another royal face.

Behold, the Middlefringe:

The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits The Anna Freud Centre

Honestly. There is so much regal follicle displacement going on we might have to assign a dedicated reporter to cover it.

Now, how do we feel about the Middlefringe? It’s certainly a departure for a woman who has possessed pretty much the same hairstyle for all of her 33 years (yes, she came out of the womb with a blow wave).

Give us your thoughts below.

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Bucket hats are back

Despite our parents and primary school teachers insisting that being sun safe is cool, it’s never been particularly on trend to slap some zinc on your face, cover your entire body in a rash vest and sit in the shade muttering something about reapplying.

But now, the trendsetters over at New York Fashion Week have decided this season we’re allowed to be both fashionable and practical by resuscitating the fashion value of the good old bucket hat. (Did it ever die? you ask. Yes. Yes it did.)

Here is some photographic evidence that your grandpa who likes fishing and reading the paper in the sun is now a style icon:


Slip, slop, slap indeed.



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