Entertainment Style The colour that makes you more attractive

The colour that makes you more attractive

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The colour of passion is … black?

According to a survey by British company Buy T-Shirts Online, wearing black makes you appear more attractive and intelligent to the opposite sex as well as making you feel more confident.

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When asked what colour they like on the opposite sex, black was by far the colour of choice amongst both men and women.

Black was also voted the most appropriate colour for nearly every occasion, whereas orange and brown were ruled no-gos for first dates and job interviews.

And what about red, that classic colour of passion and romance? Unfortunately, most respondents just saw it as an indicator of arrogance. Sorry, Swans supporters.

Meanwhile, only five per cent of people associated the colour pink with intelligence. Blame Barbie.

The general consensus was that brown was the suckiest colour ever, to be avoided at all times especially when going on a first date.

Only one per cent of women and four per cent of men said they rock brown on a first date.

And those people were colour blind. Just kidding.


Miley Cyrus’s VMAs fashion journey

Miley had a big night at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Her activities for the evening included talking about marijuana, flashing lots of flesh and getting in a public spat with Nicki Minaj.

Her evening also included half a million outfit changes.

We’re exaggerating – she had 11. But STILL.

Here they all are in their technicolour glory:


As a side note, we’d love to see Meryl Streep playing Miley Cyrus in a biopic – she could actually pull it off, probably better than Miley herself can.

NB: This image has been digitally altered. Obviously.

Jennifer Lawrence’s awkward ad face

Something about our beloved JLaw is just so darn genuine.

So it makes sense that, when asked to spruik a product she probably doesn’t even use, she shuts down.

In a new advertisement for Dior lipstick, the 25-year-old actress looks a little stilted and uncomfortable – a far cry from her typically relaxed, jovial self.

Watch the ad and see if you agree:

We just doubt the real JLaw would tell her gal pals if they were feeling unconfident: “Don’t be shy. Shine.”

She’d probably just tell a fart joke and mess up their hair a little bit.

And this is not a JLaw face:

jennifer lawrence dior

THIS is a JLaw face:

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