Entertainment Style Raid the archives – fashion is going back in time

Raid the archives – fashion is going back in time

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The 1970s are having a style moment – again.

Kate Peck wears Cue on the Myer runway. Photo: Lucas Dawson
Kate Peck wears Cue on the Myer runway. Photo: Lucas Dawson

Trust us, this season you’ll find yourself inexplicably craving flared pants, a feeling which may catch many off guard.

Perhaps we can blame Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams in 2013’s American Hustle for igniting our passion for all things retro, or perhaps it was Gucci, who sent scores of models down the catwalk in flares and tinted sunglasses earlier this year.

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“The 70s are so strong at the moment – it’s fringing, it’s suede, it’s flares,” Kate Peck, model and Myer ambassador, told The New Daily.

“It’s the new romantic, the boho gypsy – a carefree, easy vibe with beautiful cottons and suedes and layers.”

It’s clear from a quick wander through any department store that all the major brands agree with Peck.

Even the typically conservative Country Road is spruiking denim jumpsuits and platforms.

Want to bring your wardrobe back in time without going full Starsky and Hutch? Look for some of these key pieces.


Whether on a handbag, a loafer or a t-shirt, fringing adds some easygoing detail to an outfit. Forget fussy sequins or elaborate embroidery – fringing is the perfect way to give your outfit edge without trying too hard.

If you want a fringed piece in your wardrobe but don’t want to spend too much, keep an eye out for a cotton t-shirt with a fringed hem. The splurge option is a suede fringed jacket or a pair of Ralph Lauren fringed boots, but make sure you really dig the trend before you splash the cash.



Some of you might be cringing in front of your computer screen right now but it’s true – bell bottoms have made a comeback.

If you’re on the shorter side, a flare can be difficult to pull off. You’re best off opting for a darker wash denim with a less pronounced flare and pairing it with wedges or platforms.


Statement shoes

No leg is complete without a chunky, outrageous, statement shoe at the end of it.

Men should look for unusual colours like mustard, camel or burgundy, while women should opt for flatforms and buckles.

Suede is preferable, of course.


Floaty shirts and dresses

The aforementioned “romantic” look is a great option for those who want to embrace the ’70s without making too much of a statement.

Bell sleeves, shirring, smock silhouettes and floaty hems are all encouraged, if not mandated.



‘Is denim ever not in style?’ you may ask. While the classic jean may never fade away, this season sees denim used in a number of different incarnations – from jumpsuits to jean skirts to Canadian tuxedos.

Layer various shades over one another to channel a retro patchwork vibe.

For men, a relaxed chambray shirt should be a staple, while women should consider investing in a denim skirt.



Leather jackets have been a style mainstay for the last few years but now it’s time for suede to have its moment.

This season, dresses, skirts, hats, belts, shoes, jackets and even shirts haven’t managed to escape the suede treatment.

It’s best in rich caramel tones or pinky taupes, but burgundy and turquoise are both options for the more daring among us.

As an added bonus, it’s warm and soft but breathable, making it perfect for all seasons.


Vertical stripes

Take it from Bianca and Mick Jagger, who both understood the power of a pinstriped suit. Vertical stripes are sleek, subtle power-dressing at its finest.

Inject some of the ever-flattering pattern into your wardrobe in either shirt or pant form.

For women, a striped shirtdress is the perfect summer workwear.


Deep V necks

Ladies can take the plunge with a daring halter neck top or a wrap dress fastened just a little lower than usual.

Gents, however, are advised against flashing too much flesh. Unless, of course, they have the chest hair and gold chains to back it up.


So, what are you waiting for? Get groovy!

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