Entertainment Style Why the ‘dandy wildman’ is the new trend for men

Why the ‘dandy wildman’ is the new trend for men

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Move along, man bun. See you later, lumbersexual.

There’s a new men’s style trend on the block and it’s got the support of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

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Male style bible GQ magazine has celebrated the rise of the “Dandy Wildman”.

What is this strange turn of phrase, you ask? It’s the new desirable look for men everywhere: caveman from the neck up, snappy gentleman from the neck down.

“This dandy wildman, let’s call him, has a different breed of masculine swagger altogether,” the magazine explained.

“His beard never goes past medium short, his hair is longer, and you won’t see a patch of flannel or any hand-crafted wood tools in sight. Think Jake Gyllenhaal, Ewan McGregor, Donald Glover, or basically any guy on Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead.”

Game of Thrones‘ Jon Snow (aka Kit Harington) is certainly to blame for this trend, along with new Late Show host Stephen Colbert, who debuted his “Colbeard” in June.

So how does one achieve this look? Well, men are encouraged to skip shaving but hold onto the beard trimmer, grow their hair out, ditch the hair gel and embrace the power of a well-cut suit.

Basically, let go of all personal grooming and spend the money you save on haircuts updating your wardrobe.

Here are some dandy wildmen for inspiration:

Kit Harington, Charlie Hunnam, Jake Gyllenhaal and Leonardo DiCaprio all fit the dandy wildman bill. Photos: Getty
Kit Harington, Charlie Hunnam, Jake Gyllenhaal and Leonardo DiCaprio all fit the dandy wildman bill. Photos: Getty

Beyoncé’s racy new tattoos cause a stir

Is there anything Beyoncé can’t sell?

This week the singer announced a collaboration with Flash Tattoos, the temporary tattoo company responsible for all that gold body art you see girls wearing to music festivals.

Like these:

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 6.12.39 pm

Only Beyoncé’s designs aren’t just pretty flowers or patterns, they’re raunchy body art at it’s very finest.

The mother-of-one shared a snap of her favourite from the collection – the word “blow” positioned just above her hipbone.

beyonce tattooThe rest of the collection also includes a giant gun and the words “naughty girl”, along with some of her more famous song lyrics.

They’re temporary tattoos that are not for the faint of heart. You can buy them here for $28 a sheet.

Kate Mara’s haircut backlash

Last week, we mourned the loss of Hollywood’s best hair after Amanda Seyfried got the chop.

This week, we have another fallen comrade in the form of House of Cards star Kate Mara’s auburn tresses.


The actress has trimmed her hair into a trendy pixie crop for a new role and the new look hasn’t gone down well with everyone.

First of all, she was forced to suffer through this very awkward interview in which the host asked her, “You’re way, way hot. Why’d you cut the hair?”

See it at the 2:06 mark below:

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Mara also had to deal with criticism from someone very important to her: her dad.

The 32-year-old told talk show hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strachan that she got a not-so-nice response from her father, American football executive Timothy Christopher Mara.

“I text messaged my dad the other day saying ‘I miss you’ and his response was ‘I miss your hair,’” Mara said.

“So thanks, Dad!”

We like your hair, Kate. Even if no one else does.

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