Entertainment Style Everyone’s big issue with Jurassic World

Everyone’s big issue with Jurassic World

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It’s making big bucks at the box office, but audiences have one major issue with the accuracy of Jurassic World.

• Jurassic World smashes global box office record
Julie Bishop’s crippling fashion addiction

And no, it’s not that dinosaurs don’t really exist.

People are befuddled by female lead Bryce Dallas Howard’s choice of attire – particularly her footwear.

Chris Pratt (left) and Bryce Dallas Howard have very different experiences in the movie.

Although Howard’s character Claire Dearing is an executive managing the corporate side of the park, her all-white suit is hardly a practical choice.

Not just for a dinosaur park exec, but for anyone who knows wearing white is asking for disaster and food stains.

Worse, when things go pear-shaped at the park, she’s forced to run from dinosaurs in a skirt and a pair of high heels – not only impractical, but life-threatening.

Perhaps the biggest crime is that the heels in question are, well, hideous.

Here are the culprits up close:

jurassic world high heels
The offending shoes.

Comparing Claire Dearing to Dr. Ellie Sattler, the female lead of the original Jurassic Park (played by Laura Dern), returns almost laughable results:

Bryce Dallash Howard (left) is pristine in comparison to Laura Dern.
Bryce Dallas Howard (left) is pristine in white, compared to a more rugged Laura Dern.

Here is a collection of complete Twitter outrage over the entire situation:

Seriously, people are really heated up over the whole thing.

Mental note: if running a theme park with massive dinosaurs, lots of mud and young children, maybe stick to something a little less Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct?


Taylor Swift gets kinky

She’s usually known for her good girl image, so it was particularly surprising when Taylor Swift stepped out for lunch with Selena Gomez wearing a bondage harness.

Yes, you read that correctly. The pop star rocked a belt that was a bit more S&M than style maven.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.40.00 amSwift paired the unusual accessory with a pair of micro-shorts and a slogan singlet.

The 25-year-old’s vocal fans were quick to criticise the look on Tumblr, pointing out that she was wearing the belt entirely incorrectly.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 3.57.07 pm

Of course, Swift felt compelled to respond to her critics with a Tumblr post saying that, on the plus side, she was always ready for rock climbing.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 3.57.16 pm

This isn’t Swift’s first time dabbling in bondage. For her star-studded music video for ‘Bad Blood’, Swift sent her team to a well-known adult store in Los Angeles to stock up on US$13,000 of racy clothing, according to a TMZ report.

Keep your eye out for pre-teens wearing pleather and brandishing nunchucks. You know who to blame.

Ascot toppers

You think you know hats? Well, you don’t.

THIS is a hat.

Royal Ascot - Day 3

England’s Royal Ascot Races are where the world’s most hat-savvy ladies show off their millinery.

The Melbourne Cup has got nothing on Ascot in terms of the size and scope of the hats. From umbrella imitations to camouflage-print crowns, the ladies really bring it.

These racegoers like their mohawks in floral form:

Royal Ascot - Day 3

While these ladies stuck to a green theme:


Big doesn’t necessarily mean better, but it sure is eye-catching.

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