Entertainment Style Why the ‘side bum’ is the new trend (to avoid)

Why the ‘side bum’ is the new trend (to avoid)

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When it comes to trends – the flared jean, normcore, scrunchies, mesh anything – the best thing to do is avoid the hype and just do you.

Or, embrace it wholeheartedly so you can look back at the photos and laugh.

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A similar level of caution should be applied to maternity dressing so as to avoid extreme discomfort.

Of course, if you’re a celebrity you just throw caution to the wind so the rest of us mere mortals can enjoy the fall out.

The side bum is taking over

Joining the awkward ranks of fashion trends involving female body parts (honourable mention goes to the side boob and the box gap) is the newly-anointed “side bum”.

As is the case with most trends these days, Beyonce is responsible for popularising the side bum with her revealing Met Gala dress and then this risqué Instagram post:

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 3.58.18 pm

But Ms Knowles is by no means a pioneer. In fact, the side bum can be traced back to 2013, when Iggy Azalea nearly exposed her crotch at the MTV European Music Awards and Gwyneth Paltrow flashed her flank at the Iron Man 3 premiere.

So what exactly is it? Allow us to explain: the side bum is that wonderful section of the female body that juts out at the top of the leg. Otherwise known as, well, the hip.

Yeah, it’s gotten to that. We’re now renaming body parts to make them more chic.

The Sydney Morning Herald hailed the arrival of this particular trend, saying: “It might be small or big. It might be soft or firm. But however yours looks and feels, take solace in the knowledge that after years of ridicule, the side bum is IN.”

You can see examples of the side bum in all its glory below:

L-R: Jaimie Alexander, Leighton Meester, Iggy Azalea, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rita Ora show us how it's bum...ahem, done.
L-R: Jaimie Alexander, Leighton Meester, Iggy Azalea, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rita Ora show us how it’s bum…ahem, donePhotos: Getty

To flaunt your own side bum, do some squats and cut the pockets out of your jeans.

On second thought, maybe don’t.

Kim Kardashian’s bizarre maternity style

When you’re pregnant, comfort is your utmost priority.

The more room for your burgeoning bump, the better.

If your Kim Kardashian, nothing changes. Your pregnancy style is denial, which means plenty of latex, loads of skintight dresses and as many attention-seeking frocks as possible.

The reality star announced her pregnancy on Sunday and, since then, she’s sported a range of revealing, uncomfortable-looking dresses.

Each to their own.

Kim Kardashian's early pregnancy style goes against the norm.
Kim Kardashian’s early pregnancy style goes against the norm. Photos: Getty

Look, as long as there’s not a repeat of this uncomfortable style moment, we’re happy:

Kim Kardashian pregnant and dressed in her  drapes in 2013.
Kim Kardashian pregnant and dressed in her drapes in 2013. Photo: Getty

Queen Letizia

Those crafty Europeans. They’re always just that little bit more stylish than the rest of us.

Nowhere is this more evident than on the clothes hangers of Queen Letizia of Spain, who has restored our faith in fashion with her visit to Paris this week.

Each outing has featured a new covetable outfit, from a leather shift dress to a white skirt suit with gold detailing.

Of course, all of it is accented with impeccable hair and makeup and spot-on accessories.

Oh, to be a European royal.

Queen Letizia’s style tour of Paris in pictures. Photos: Getty

Steve Martin’s Lennon moment

Steve Martin received a very well-deserved lifetime achievement award from the American Film Institute on Thursday.

At the ceremony, his peers reflected on his successful career as an actor, comedian and sometime musician. What a talent.

For his special moment, Martin chose to channel another great man, John Lennon, with his choice of eyewear.

Steve Martin is clearly a big Beatles fan.
Steve Martin is clearly a big Beatles fan. Photos: Getty

Considering Steve Martin is a class act and an purveyor of all good things, we’re tipping the Lennon lenses to be the next big trend in eyewear for middle-aged men.

That, or Martin is going method to prepare for his next role as a college professor from the 1960s.

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