Entertainment Style Natalie Imbruglia’s style evolution

Natalie Imbruglia’s style evolution

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You wouldn’t know it from looking at her, but Australian-born songstress Natalie Imbruglia has been in the entertainment industry for more than two decades.

natalie imbruglia torn
Natalie in her ‘Torn’ days. Photo: Supplied

She first entered our collective consciousness as a teen, scoring a role on Neighbours at the age of 16. Then she earned a permanent spot on mix-tapes with her 1997 earworm Torn 

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Since then, she’s moved to England, won an MTV award and several Grammy nominations, produced four albums, been an X Factor judge, starred in several movies and even dabbled in theatre.

It’s been a busy two decades but Imbruglia looks no different to the choppy-haired, tomboyish 22-year-old who burst onto the music scene in a hoody and khaki pants in 1997.

In fact, she may as well have spent the last 20 years at a day spa.

“I’ve had five facelifts,” the 39-year-old jokes of her youthfulness.

“Honestly it’s genetics. My parents. I think there’s other people who’ve taken better care of their skin than me.”

Perhaps it’s her relaxed approach to beauty that keeps Imbruglia looking fresh, as well as keeping her in the hearts of fans in Australia and her adopted home of England.

natalie imbruglia blue outfit
At the 1998 MTV Movie Awards. Photo: Supplied

When she took a #nomakeupselfie and posted it to Instagram, it made headlines, a phenomenon which the star finds hilarious.

“I don’t know why they assume I’m just posting the first picture I take of myself,” Imbruglia laughs.

“[I] know how to use a good [Instagram] filter!”

The music star wasn’t always this self-assured – she happily admits that her early days in the business were fraught with insecurity.

“I was really tomboyish in the Torn era and very self-conscious,” she admits.

“I’m not overly brave with fashion.”

This hasn’t stopped her from taking the occasional red carpet risk, some of which have been better than others.

“Oh my God – the worst one was this blue weird-looking thing I wore to the MTV Awards,” Imbruglia recalls.

“It had flared pants and zig-zag neckline and it was hideous. The worst part was I was going out with Lenny Kravitz and I remember him coming to see me perform and I was nervous and didn’t sing my best.”

Perhaps her notoriously edgy ex was a fan of the blue look?

“Yes,” Imbruglia laughs, “he probably thought it was quite subtle!”

For every sartorial disaster in her past, there are scores of fashion triumphs.

Wearing Chanel in 2007. Photo: Supplied

“I remember wearing a beautiful Chanel mini dress that was stunning and funky. I’ve still got it.”

Although based in Britain, Imbruglia loves donning Aussie designs, like those created by close personal friend Alice McCall, but knows her limits when it comes to trends.

“I’ve done the pixie cut. That was around ’98 – I remember I wore it like that to the Grammys,” she says of the popular celebrity hairstyle.

“To be honest it’s really hard, you have to be feeling really confident and great. You get used to it but if you’re having an off day there’s no hair to hide behind.”

Next year, the eternally doe-eyed singer will celebrate her 40th birthday.

With a covers album coming out next year, a skincare line launching in a matter of weeks and her ongoing role as ambassador for Kailis pearls, it’s unlikely she will be slowing down.

“I’m certainly not going to celebrate quietly, it’s a big one!” Imbruglia says.

“I have friends all over the world and they’re all really important to me so I think I’ll globe trot. Like a birthday tour.”

Perhaps its time to whip out that electric blue outfit for one last party?

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