Entertainment Style Style Advisor: Maxi dresses

Style Advisor: Maxi dresses

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Name: Maxi dresses

What it is: A long, flowy dress with a hemline that usually hits the toes.

Origin: The elegant style used to be confined mainly to red carpets, but was widely embraced by designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Halston during the 1960s and ’70s. While they disappeared during the ’80s and ’90s in favour of power suits and denim, they returned in the noughties with the help of celebrities like Kate Moss and Paris Hilton. Now they are a popular relaxed summer outfit choice, keeping you covered, cool and chic all at once.

Styles: Available in a multitude of cuts like empire line, strapless or halter neck. A close cousin of the maxi is the mullet dress – short at the front and longer at the back and a perfect option for those unable to commit to the floor-skimming style.

Who can wear them: Being on the taller side of the height spectrum certainly helps, but there is a maxi style for everyone. Shorter individuals should choose styles that nip in at the waist to create shape. Maxis are also a great choice for pregnant woman who want to give their bump ample space while still remaining stylish.

Warning: Maxi dresses are best worn with flats to prevent them from veering into Brownlow Red Carpet territory (not a good thing). Ensure that your dress is the perfect length, you don’t want to be constantly tripping over it.